Mary proves that if you want something enough you can get it!

ONE thing that I know is true about life: If you believe you can do something, then you can! A positive mindset is the key to achieving, whether it’s losing weight or running a marathon. So when I had a video chat with a lovely lady called Mary this week I just knew I had to share our 15 minutes or so with everyone. She is so inspiring!

Because Mary, who is a very young 70, is living proof that if you want something enough, you can get it (within reason of course!).

Her age and the illness chronic fatigue syndrome (also known as M.E.) didn’t stand in her way of reaching her goal of being fit enough to dance, dance, dance.

She believed she could do it and she took action.

Here’s the video which will give you a big lift (while you’re over on my Slimpod Channel on YouTube, why not subscribe so you get priority alerts every time I post a new video. Hit the Like and Share buttons too, to inspire others):

chronic fatigue syndrome

I talked with Mary because she sent me a wonderful email. Mary, who lives in the north of Scotland, said that this time last year she wanted to lose about 9lbs to get back to around the 10 stone mark – “where I know my weight feels right.”

She wrote:  “I was pretty thin all my life and never needed to think about my weight until I developed M.E. for the fourth time in my early fifties. It took nine years to clear this time and at the end of it I found I was 11 stone 2!

“I managed to shed the extra stone but then the weight crept back up to 10 stone 9lbs and I felt uncomfortable. I dance anything from three to five or six times a week – various styles, ballroom, Latin, jive, Appalachian Step and tap, and knew I needed to be lighter on my feet!

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“At 70 I now have osteoarthritis in several joints, noticeably in the left hip and knee, so being lighter was a good plan. Those last 9lbs, and the heavier  feelings that came with them just had to go, but how?

“I read about Slimpod and figured it was certainly worth a try. I do have a weakness for puddings and cakes and usually have some sort of control but those early sessions with Slimpod really helped me to get back to more sensible eating.

“I have to admit that I have never stuck rigidly to your programme, nor joined Facebook or even taken a turn through the worksheets, but even so the support from the pods and regular videos made the difference.

“I made it to my target and have maintained it more or less ever since. I allow myself to play with 2 or 3 pounds but always make it back to the base line!

“I took up tap dancing aged 69 and now have a bronze and a silver medal! Proves that we can do things we want to if we try (don’t know how the gold exam will go!!!).

“My arthritis is controlled with meds. I loved the attitude of the consultant when I expected to be told to cut out impact dancing (I also do Appalachian step dance as well as more regular dance styles) that “we’re here to keep you doing the things you want to do, not stop you.”

That’s such an important message for all of us. Life is for living (although it can seem tough some days) so we must set our goal, step over the obstacles and go for it!

Please let me Mary and I know how much you were inspired by her story by leaving a comment below. We’ll read them all!

13 thoughts on “Mary proves that if you want something enough you can get it!”

  1. Very inspired, I have just started this journey and also have chronic fatigue issues and worried it may not work for me due to this so happy to see it can work and the loss be maintained, I have been struggling for 7 years now with my weight so really hoping this works for me too – thank you for sharing

  2. Excellent advice from you both, my mindset is trying to be in the moment and to be positive in that moment, well done you !

  3. An amazing story of effort and determination. I am 64, and love walking, used to be a runner, until the knees and two ops put paid to that. I also have 10-12 lbs to lose, and I’m not giving up until I am down to 10stone. Thanks for the motivation and your story, it keeps me focused on the goal

  4. Fabulous story and certainly the mindset I really need to get back into. What a wonderful character Mary sounds. Thank you both for sharing her story. Carol

  5. Very inspirational story and great advice, I have reduced mobility and a underactive thyroid as well as other illnesses I have made changes to my lifestyle since joining slimpod.

  6. rosemary_norton

    An amazing lady without a doubt. What an inspiration!! Glad it’s another Slimpod day for me tomorrow. Time to get back on the horse.

  7. That sounds very inspiring Mary, at the age of 66 and struggled all my life to lose and keep weight off, I had 3 children by the time I was 21 and my weight just piled on after each one. I now have 13 grandchildren, 0 great grandchildren, a partner with MS and still work full time I have very little time for me. So trying to diet and stuck to it is very hard your story gives me hope at my age I can still do this. Well done to you

  8. Wow. How inspiring. Not only do I need to sort out my relationship with food, I need role models like that to inspire me to aim for that level of activity when I’m 70. (I’m 48 right now so a little while to go yet).

  9. Amazing Mary, living life to the full! Think I need to take a note out of your book, starting now!!! Thank you for sharing

  10. Very inspirational I’m 76 and have osteoarthritis in my hips I don’t want the operation I took up line dancing it can be very hard I haven’t been for a couple of weeks due to a bereavement but going back tomorrow after reading your story thank you

  11. As an older woman I sometimes use age as an excuse not to do things. This makes me realise that it is an excuse and not a reason. Time to make sure the mindset is changed.

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