Louise loses 50lbs on Slimpod and finds ‘the me I wanted to be’

SLIMPODDER Louse O’Leary used to run a Slimming World group, so she knows all about dieting and how it can affect your emotional wellbeing. “I was a slave to Slimming World syns and a slave to the scales every Sunday,” she says.

“The real difference with Slimpod is that it has retrained my brain to not be thinking like Slimming World.

“Not to be worrying every minute of every day about how many calories I’ve eaten and saving up treats like chocolate to the end of the day.”

On Slimpod, Louise has lost 50lbs (22kg) and gone from a size 22 to a size 12.

“Slimpod has also taken away the guilt of ‘failing’ and made me accept that losing weight takes time,” says Louise. “It has given me the patience with myself to give myself the room to succeed.”

Best of all, she says she’s realised for the first time that “it doesn’t matter what you weigh, it’s how you feel. Now I’m the person I always wanted to be.”

BEFORE and AFTER Slimpod: Louise has lost a super 50lbs and says she’s keeping it all off with ease

Louise, who lives on Merseyside, is such an upbeat, positive person that I was delighted when she agreed to shoot this video with me so everyone can benefit from her experience.

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“Slimpod took all the pressure off me and made losing weight easy and enjoyable.

“I never use food as a treat now. If I want something I eat it – but I don’t say it’s a reward because I’ve been good.

“I have it because I’m in control of what I eat. I’ve also embraced exercise which has been part of my success.” She’s particularly proud that instead of just looking after her daughter’s pony, she now has the figure and the confidence to ride it.

Now Louise doesn’t just care for the pony, she loves riding it as well

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509 thoughts on “Louise loses 50lbs on Slimpod and finds ‘the me I wanted to be’”

    1. Thanks Wendy. We’ve all been brought up to think of food as a reward, it takes some time to rewire our thoughts!

      1. I’ve just started my free trial today and Louise’s story is a real inspiration. My goal too is to get back on board one of our horses.
        Congratulations Louise on your amazing success.

      2. Denise McLaughlin

        I’m going through this atm between slimming world and slimpod
        I’ve just started my journey but do notice positive changes

      3. I’ve just started slimpod and at the moment I can’t imagine not using food as a reward. You’re an inspiration. ❤️

        1. Only on my first week of Slimpod and Louise’s story is just what I needed to hear. No diet mentally and sensible achievable pace. Put my scales away on first day and plan to weight in 12 weeks

        2. Wow! You are such an inspiration ✨️ 💖 I’ve tried every diet under the sun and now I’m trying slimpod as my last option, on day 7. I’m 40 this year and been trying to get to a healthy weight since I was 15! Reading stories like this gives me hope. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your success. You look fabulous x

      4. Really enjoyed listening to your story. I’m a week in and really hoping that I can change my relationship with food! Thank you

      5. Wow, you look amazing. You have inspired me to feel I can do this. As I’ve done slimming world and other diets in the past, and I agree eating chocolate is always classed as sins, which you have made me realise how eating any food is ok, and with the help of slimpod I will be in control of what and when I eat. This is my first week, and already feel I am not thinking of food every 5 minutes, and even walked past some cake without wanting to have it. Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspirational

      6. Firstly well done Louise 👏 you look amazing!
        I went to slimming world on and off for years and did loose weight (eventually) and lived by the scales 👎 then when i stuck to the plan 100% and didn’t lose or even put on i would be sooo angry and upset…but when stopped going I would put the weight back on and more, so would start all over again! 😔
        Since starting Slimpod which I’ve only started 6 days ago I already feel in control and happy and content, so I’m looking forward to the rest of this slimpod experience and believe this is definitely for me and my future! 🙂xx

      1. Stick with it Linda, our “diet club” experiences have set our expectations for immediate results (not sustainable ones though). Good luck

        1. Very interesting listening to your fantastic story and hearing about the journey you have been on. I’m about 5 weeks into Slimpod and find stories such as your inspiring.
          Congratulations on your success and thank you for your tips.

      1. Ive spent my life on diets im 62 i started at twelve. Ive lost 5 stones 4 times in my life only yo put it on. I live with guilt everyday. Im now onto calorie deficit and still no success for years it was slimming world weight watchers etc etc.. i want freedom from guilt scales
        and my binge night after club. Fingers crossed

        1. Linda, you are most successful than you realise, losing five stones is an amazing achievement, keeping it off even harder. I have started the Slimpod challenge, the man’s voice at the very least makes me sleepy, so that a bonus, its early days, but I am hopeful that this time it will actually work and I will stop suffering from the burden of snacking all the time to solve, stress, energy lows etc. It does not solve any of the problems and leaves you feeling more sluggish. I am 66, its never too late to retrain your brain. Good Luck

      1. Louise you are an inspiration. I have in the past joined Slimming World several times and each time I stopped Ithe weight came back on with a few extra pounds!! Whilst on the plan I lived, breathed syns and felt so guilty each time I treated myself. Each week I feared getting in the scales. I joined Slimpod only recently but I honestly feel that this will work for me, already I am making better decisions not because I’ve got to, because I now want to. I am at present a size 16/18 and weigh more than I did whilst pregnant! Thank you for your story and wish me luck but somehow I don’t think it’s going to be luck with Slimpod just a better state of mind.

    1. Really inspiring story
      As someone who has done slimming world multiple times I understand how it can mess up your relationship with food.
      The dreaded weigh ins and hoping for a loss every week . Yes I lost weight but regained it all back and more . And every time I went back I never lost as much again just ended up with stress and anxiety around food.
      I’ve only been doing slim pod for a week and I’ve already had a shift in my mindset , much more relaxed around food and I feel happier and more upbeat and looking forward to my journey.

  1. Louise thank you for sharing your inspiring story. It’s great that you managed to get rid of the diet-club mentality.

  2. Wonderful story has motivated me to get started again,iv had long covid and did a trial on getting me back on my feet loosing weight hasn’t been priority,but I have found exercise which was part of course.i joined agym a year ago after it and its the best thing I ever did igo 4 mornings a week and started on a chair now completely doing as much as the others in class. I’m going to start walking everyday weather permitting,and now iv seen your wonderful video I will start listening to the pods again and have some results notice I didn’t use the four letter word so thank you bothx

    1. Everything we do is exercise like Trevor says, make it achievable and be proud of yourself for everything you do to improve. Best of luck

      1. Louise, you are so relatable and inspirational. I particularly love the way you describe eating pizza and ice cream as joining in with your family, not a treat. Thanks x

  3. Well done Louise, I was thinking of joining Slimming World again but after seeing your story, I will get back to listening to the pods and watching the videos. Thank you.

    1. I am at that same crossroads. Was going to start Slimming World again from tomorrow, but maybe I’ll get back to listening to the pods and watching the videos too! I have re-started so many times but really, really do need to do this now as my knees and ankles are really complaining!

    2. Hi Kate, the process does work but it’s the opposite of diet clubs, it’s not about the food it’s about our behaviours and relationships with food, personally I feel Slimpod and Diet clubs approaches conflict. We have to solve the underlying reason for over eating before we can stop over eating. Good luck

  4. Well done . I wish we could get the message through to the rest of the world my friend included that needs to lose weight before an operation and has gone back to SW for the umpteenth time . Thank you for your story

    1. Keeping us all thinking the food is the problem is a lucrative industry!!!! It is freeing to be able to eat without the guilt and self loathing. Good luck Rachael

  5. Antoinette McLaughlin

    I have just joined too and your story is so inspirational Louise. Thank you for sharing and providing some good tips. You look amazing ?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. So inspirational and reassuring. I’m 50 and have yo yo dieted for 20+ years and am struggling with the concept of trusting myself and the method. I am 100% committed to this, I just need patience. Will be seeking out a buddy for support I think. I have 4st to lose, so I have to remember this is a marathon not a sprint/quick fix.
    Thank you again for sharing this xx

    1. So true Dawn. I accepted I was going to go from a 22 to 10 in a couple of months. I stayed at 16 for many months and enjoyed it, I didn’t put pressure on myself to get to the next size. I still hav more to go I set my achievable goals and work towards them. I takes the pressure of failure away. Good luck

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, you are truly inspirational and helps me believe that all these small changes I’m already experiencing only a week in are in fact real and that I need to continue to believe and plod as the journey to my ideal will be as long or bumpy as it needs to be to become a natural way of life

    1. The little changes are the foundation of the overall change… my first week I stopped eating crisps (I would get 6 packs a day). I didn’t even think about them….I was amazed! Good luck

  8. Dear Louise,
    I’ve just finished watching your video and it has made lots of sense because my brain still works with syns and rewards and calorie counting and just feel like slave to food. Food is something that you need to live, it shouldn’t be the centre of everything because you have to think about what, how and how much, do I over do it? Will it reflect on the scales? I’m fed up and tired and want to enjoy life!!!

    1. Hi Asun it is truly freeing and liberating not to be a slave to the scales. I thought about weighing myself new years day (first time in 4/5 months) then I thought why do I need to? I put the scale away. Old me would have stepped on and closed my eyes too afraid to see what I did at Xmas. New me didn’t care my clothes still fit, I feel good and I have a lovely time. That’s all I needed to know!

  9. How many times in a day did you listen to the pods i am too old to run and the weight just keeps coming back I keep on trying though

  10. Wow what a journey Louise thank you for sharing and giving myself and other’s inspiration. Your story has made me realise that I need to refocus get rid of the diet group mindset that I’ve done for over 25 years and keep failing and start writing my story – so it begins now a massive THANK YOU.

    1. Hi Deborah it’s hard to unpick it we see it everywhere, it’s part of our collective mindset so you have to give yourself time and not be hard on yourself when it creeps back in at times. Good luck

  11. Well done Louise.Before covid I used to go to slimming world too ..Sadly its all scales related. So happy for your progress on Slimpod .You look amazing.Keep going !

    1. I love it Sophy I’ve watched my daughter ride for years and kept saying one day I’ll be light enough to ride. Now I am finally…never give up eh?

  12. From one horse rider to another, thank you for your inspiring story. The horses are such a motivation for me too. Congratulations on your success 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth. Dolly (our Section D) is still confused when I get on, she’s used to be doing all the ground work?

  13. I know Lou personally and she is the reason I joined Slimpod, she is one of the most up beat positive people I know. Super proud of what you’ve achieved Lou and I know how much it means for you to be able to ride Dolly x

  14. Hi, I too have at least that amount of weight to loose. Watching the video has put a few things into perspective, thanks for sharing. I am at the start of my journey and am looking forward to the journey ahead.

  15. So happy AT LAST to hear you say what I’ve been thinking all along about Slimming World! You’ve finally given me the confidence to follow my thoughts and commit 100% to Slimpod.

  16. Fantastic, will definitely take on board that food is not a treat or reward for being good, this is something I’ve done for decades, thank you for pointing that out to me x

  17. Amazing Louise. You are a breath of fresh air. I started slimpod like you after seeing it on Facebook 1st Feb 21 and loved it, doing great til July of that yr when I took plantar fasciitis and ended up in a boot for 6 wks. Slowly over the next 15 months I completely lost my way and have undid all that good. Can’t seem to get back on track but listening to your video and Sandra this morning I am determined to start my journey again. Thankyou both. You are looking fabulous Louise. I believe now I can do this again. Continued success to you both.

  18. I have attended SW numerous times and I have a cousin who is a leader.
    I knew the ethos wasn’t right not for me or anyone.
    So glad for you .I hope my cousin will find the same path as I, You and many others.

  19. This video with Louise has been really helpful in making me think about breaking cycles ….I’ve still been wanting to record what I eat as it’s been so ingrained from dieting on and off since I was 23. I’m 54 now and certainly heavier than I was at 23. Very thought provoking.

  20. I loved reading and watching Louise’s journey. Because I could relate to everything she has been through.

    I didn’t realise I was a slave to the scales, rewarding myself with food etc and all the emotions and feelings linked to that.

    I also had forgotten the emotional rollercoaster when beginning a diet and all the pressures and negatives mindsets you get sucked into as well.

    Thank you for sharing your story Louise. Your inspiration and given me a boost.

    I have been on Slimpod a couple of weeks now and have also noticed I’m not snacking. I have weighed myself and have not lost weight. But that’s ok. I know it’s going to take time.

    I have noticed my eating habits have started changing too. I am not interested in snacking but I having healthier food choices and not being resentful about I am choosing to eat.

    I feel like I respect myself more and want to look after myself for my health and wellbeing by eating better rather than by forcing to eat healthy because that’s the only way to lose weight.

    Thank you Louise x

  21. So much of what you say has resonated with me. I have tried diet clubs, shakes etc but, like you, always knew it was the way I used food as a reward that was the problem. I am only on my first week but can already feel the subtle change in my mindset. Thank you Louise for your inspirational story, I know it will help me on my journey

  22. Absolutely awesome Louise, thank you so much for sharing. I am on my 1st day and the thing I’m going to take from this is “ not using food as a treat” which I gave done for sooo long. Thank you x

  23. Thank you for sharing Louise. This is just the inspiration I am looking for at the start of my journey with slim pod. You look amazing well done!

  24. Very inspiring. I’ve just joined and started this very different journey and feeling very out of my comfort zone. Good to hear such a positive story told from the heart. Well done! ??????

  25. Thank you Louise.. you look amazing.. well done .. it’s day 3 for me ?
    I’m 56 and for 40 years of my life I have been on and off WW and Slimming World diets .. when on them I was constantly thinking about food .. . Thank you again for sharing your success ❤️

  26. I loved this video as I can really relate to a lot of what was said, saving syns for rewards, no good at willpower, impatient for quick results etc. Thank you & well done for sharing, it’s made me feel I’m definitely doing the right thing finally ?

  27. Shirley Metcalfe

    This is awesome Louise, I only started on my journey to a me I love yesterday, but your story has given me the encouragement I need.

  28. It’s a really encouraging story about losing weight being a process . I’m only day2 and have a lot of weight to lose . Louise s experience is a really useful reminder that I’m not going to be a size 12 in 12 weeks .

  29. What a lovely story and so relatable and inspiring as I start out on my own rebalancing process. Words of wisdom about being patient and not expecting instant results. Really helpful to hear! Thank you and wishing you many more decades of pony riding enjoyment!

  30. I am just starting and like you Louise, knew it was my mind blocking success but didn’t know how to retrain it! I feel inspired by your story, and am excited for what the next year will look like for me!

  31. Hi have listened to your chat tonight and I feel that I am starting on my journey to a healthy hopefully a lighter me.

  32. I was nodding in agreement all through your video, especially re: using food as a reward. I’m only on day one of Slimpod, but feel very inspired.

  33. Thanks Louise! I am on my first few days of this journey & you have helped me to put things in perspective! I’ve got this!

  34. Really enjoyed your chat with Louise, I have a horse too, I did ride him but feel I need to lose weight and get fit to ride him safely. On day 3 and very hopeful for the first time in a long time ???

  35. Wow!!! Well done x you really are an inspiration and coming from a SW background myself, I could so relate to the battle of the scales and rewarding myself with syns etc… you have inspired me! Thank you! And again well done x you look incredible x

  36. Just to say you look amazing and so great that you can enjoy the pony more as not just a chore, but actually the joy of riding him.

  37. You have given me inspiration and hope! And more importantly the realisation it will take time and patience! Thanks for sharing your experience

  38. I’m a newbie to the program and just loved your video and the reality check of how the diet industry has fooled us all and actually made us yo yo dieters.
    Well done you on your journey so far and for the inspiration you have given to me tonight ???

  39. Wow!!! Powerful and could resonate with what she was saying. I’m a week in and I keep flipping from excited to sceptical.
    Well done.

  40. Brilliant really inspiring ? well done. So much of what you say resonates with me, that awful guilt cycle thought l was just me. Thank you ?

  41. Well done Louise you seem so happy to be out of the guilt cycle. I’ve also done multiple diets and felt a huge failure each time. I’m really feeling good about Slimpod.

  42. Absolutely amazing.. you’ve given me the push to keep plodding on…snacking is my big downfall in evenings..hoping I’ll get to the point where that will stop

  43. Well done Louise, what an inspiring story, it was great to listen to how you have been able to change your mind set and eating habits. This is my first day of slimpod, lovely to hear such a positive story.

  44. What an inspiration you are…I also did slimming world and I never had an issue with binge eating before it but I struggle to control it now and I had this lightbulb moment when reading your story that slimming world does almost train you to see the “bad” foods as a reward so you associate them with a treat or being good or something that makes you feel better when you’re feeling down! I have learnt about food groups and which foods have higher syns than I thought and how to fill up on calorie dense foods ….but when I reached my target weight I became afraid to just maintain and still wanted to lose and I ended up weighing 7stone 10lb, I’ve put some weight back on now and have now developed a chocolate or biscuit or pastry binge eating habit which I am finding hard to control. I’m really hoping this programme will help me because I have the sweetest tooth in the world and I can’t stop myself from buying the things I shouldn’t be eating! At the moment, I couldn’t just eat one biscuit. I’d have to eat a quarter or half the packet and I don’t want to undo the good work I did.
    I just don’t want to want sweet stuff anymore.
    I’m hoping I can be as successful as you have been, thank you for sharing your positive story and well done again for your hard work.

  45. Well done Louise. You look amazing. You are an inspiration to others. I have just started my journey and hope Slimpod works for me. ?

  46. I found your story inspirational. I’ve just signed up to Slimpod, and like you, I’m starting off with the same dress size. I got to the point where I felt I’d run out of options.
    Im looking forward to my journey.

  47. This resonates with me in so many ways – particularly the connection to Slimming World as I have wanted to be a consultant all of my adult life, but have never managed to get to target ?
    Well done you – and thank you for sharing this as now my main aim in life is just to be the best me I can be! I am only on day 3 but already have a sense of hope again! I’ve felt this sense of hope so many times over the years – ( I’m a lifetime member of S W) – but constantly having my hopes dashed every time I go off plan, then spiral into beating myself up for the next while!!!
    Well I’m sick of beating myself up – I’m starting to trust this process, so thank you again ??

  48. I’m only on day 4 and have just signed up for a 12 week countdown with SW. After listening to you, I’ve realised that I think about food all day! What’s for breakfast and while I’m eating that I’m already thinking about lunch and dinner. From now on, I’ll let my body tell me when I’m hungry and if I want avocado or multiseed bread or both as I did today, I’ll have it. By not thinking about food all day, I’ve found time for exercise, for hobbies, for fun, for life! You’ve been an inspiration, listening to you, something clicked in my brain, thank you and well done for what you’ve achieved.

  49. Sheena Bramhall-Green

    Brilliant I’ve only just started and knowing that I am not ruled by weigh ins and comments from a “group leader” is actually nice and I don’t feel as though I am being naughty just for eating 1 biscuit

  50. Well done Louise, I enjoyed your vid. Ive just started on Slimpod and found it inspiring and could relate to your story, especially about the ‘dread’ of weigh in’s and thinking about food all the time. Im starting to feel ‘different’ and will continue with the pods as it appears to be working! Thanks for sharing.

  51. Enjoyed listening to your success Louise. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I’m on Day 3 only, and can relate to what you said about something clicking and knowing this is the change you needed- you are an inspiration. Thank you.

  52. Louise I have done amazing. I’ve have just started my Slimpod journey.
    I was a frequent fly at slimming world and it would always work so well for the first 2 stone then the yo-yo affect would kick in and I would lose all my motivation to keep going, hearing your story had made me think more about what not to do in my day to day eating as I still resort back to that way.

  53. Hi Louise,well done you, I just finished my 10 day trial and I’m so impressed,I’m 55yrs next month and since I was 50yrs I’ve put on weight, about 2st.I always had a healthy approach to food but since putting on this menopausal weight I’ve been like a lunatic weighing myself everyday? sometimes more and I came across slimpod on Facebook and it makes sense to me, so hopefully I can sensibly loose this weight,again well done you’re an inspiration.

  54. It’s funny how we allow ourselves to be influenced by the “rules and regulations” of dieting regimes. Going from a size 22 to size 12 would have meant losing say 100lbs, yet you’ve done that in 50lbs and becoming a “normal” person around food. That’s what I want for me. 1st week in and I’ve set myself achievable goals around BMI rather than weight. Thank you for sharing your journey. Everyone is different and that’s what’s so good about the mind altering process associated with Slimpod. It’s not about the weight, or even the food we choose to eat. It’s about becoming a normal person again.

  55. Anne Horsburgh

    You have given me hope. I had lost 2.5 stone with Slimming World prior to COVID then put it all back on plus during 2020 when I returned to Scotland to look after my aging father. I’m inspired by your story and look forward to my ‘journey’ with Slimpod.

  56. All the stories are really uplifting – they feel real and something that I can relate to and not feel intimidated by. Inspiring and heart felt – Louise’s and all the stories.. thankyou

  57. An inspiring story. It’s hard to lose ‘diet brain’ but so life changing. As for slimming groups – I realised that these ‘free foods’ they tell you you can have are about 200 calories each – add those up and you can see why they have you on a hook.

  58. Louise, thank you so much for sharing, and I’m so happy that you are living in health and doing so many fun and truly enriching activities. Just wondering how you came to accept the ‘Time thing’ -it is probably one of my biggest battles? lots of joy to you! ?

  59. Congratulations Louise!
    Such an inspirational story for someone just starting and can relate to your comments about feeling guilty and despondent before you started.
    Enjoy your riding 🙂

  60. Eira Ballingall

    First of all congratulations on your weight loss and regaining control of your life. Thank you so much Louise for your honesty. I too start grazing – hungry or not – if I’m working near the kitchen. I can’t open a big bag of crisps without finishing it, so I find it reassuring to hear someone else battle with that kind of addiction (the best way I can describe what I’m like when I binge or graze) and for acknowledging that these diet programmes add to one’s guilt or stress about their weight and keeping it off. Then to hear that you are now able to snack on a favourite ‘syn’ without falling back into eating one crisp out of a bag, then having to go back and demolish the rest of the packet. I found your journey very inspiring.

  61. You look so healthy and happy. Well done Louise on the weight loss and life change. And thank you for sharing your story and your helpful tips!

  62. Fionnula Fitzsimons

    Very inspiring. What you said Louise in the video resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing

  63. Watching Louise talk about her weight loss and how she changed the way she thought about food has really encouraged me to begin the process. Thank you Louise. I needed to hear that.

  64. Louise, you are an inspiration! I have just joined and I resonate with what you have said. I too have tried Slimming World, and even the torture of Second Nature and Keto. I really hope that I get the success that you have.

  65. Elaine Constantine

    Louise your story has given me the motivation to try. I do agree that we have been conditioned to see food as a treat. It shows how deep our mindset can be. Looking forward to being where you are now in time.
    Well done on your success

  66. What an achievement! It’s great to hear that it’s possible to feel in control & ok with whatever progress is made.

  67. Using the word reward and food rings so true with me. Language is a wonderful thing and I’m inspired to use this word in the correct way. Thank you.

  68. Wow, what an inspirational story and one I can really relate to. I’m looking forward to my journey and hope its as successful as yours!

  69. Wow! What an inspiration. Crazy how we all have been telling ourselves that beautiful fresh fruit and veg is a punishment and junk is the the treat.
    Plus……. No way is she 50!!!!! Looking 20 years younger x x x

  70. I am inspired to keep going by listening to your story I’ve only just started a couple of days but was having doubts about whether I would continue with it as I haven’t noticed any change in me at all I just seem to feel hungrier at the min I don’t know if that’s normal or not but my stomach growls for food not long after eating so don’t know if its going to work for me but I will keep going and give it time thank you for sharing your story .Amanda.

  71. Just fabulous! I really know what you mean about feeling too big to ride. I hope I can make that part of my motivation as well

  72. Rebecca Housley

    Inspirational to read Louise. Congratulations! I have just started my slimpod experience so it’s good to read of others’ successes. Helpful tip for me to remember that food doesn’t have to be viewed as a reward or treat.

  73. Superfantastic! This is my first video and it’s touched me deeply. The never ending cycle of dieting has my brain frazzled., I feel privileged to have watched it.

  74. Inspiring words. I feel like I’ve just heard how my journeys going to be. I’m also an ex slimming world consultant and your words massively resonated with me. Thank you.

  75. Amazing work! I also used to be a WW Coach and this new way of thinking and training my inner self about food could be the holy grail for me. You are doing an amazing job!

  76. I only started the free trial yesterday, and after only listening once to the pod so far and watching your video it has inspired me so much. After years of being an emotional eater this plan I feel is already working in the way my mind is towards food today. So thank you for the inspiration.

  77. Vanessa Hayward

    Wonderful inspiring stories from both ladies who lost so much weight. So many things they mentioned resonate with me after being a serial dieter and binge eater. I am in two days and already feel after many years, that the switch has been turned off. So excited to think that I may actually be the person I have always wanted to be. Thank you x

  78. Louise I too was on Slimming World until recently. I got to my target in 2019 and then the pandemic hit. I have put back on most of my weight and have tried for the past year and a half to lose it but haven’t had any success. I joined Slimpod 8 days ago and am inspired by your story. I already feel so much more positive that I will succeed this time. Thank you for sharing your experience ?

  79. Well done Louise, it’s a fantastic achievement I only hope that I can do as well. I’ve only just joined slimpod and hearing your story is so motivating.

  80. Thank you Louise for your honesty, I’m inspired listening to you & feeling realistic about the journey ahead. I can absolutely identify with your journey, you’ve made me feel excited to feel I too can do this & make a friend of food we’ve been enemies for too many years.❤️xx

  81. Fantastic perseverance, having a goal must definitely have spurred you on. Well done, I feel very inspired.

  82. What an inspirational story, I’m in the exact place you were when you started, I’ve lost weight put it all back on, slave to slimming world, I just started slimpod yesterday so my brain is still very much in slimming world mode, listening to your story has given me hope, thank you

  83. Louise, I loved hearing your story. I’m just starting out on Slimpod with about six stones to lose. It feels like so much that I’ll never get there!!! You’ve given me hope, although I can’t quite believe that I’ll be able to stop snacking or eating a whole pizza ?

  84. “Almost immediate” …love that because I could hardly believe it when I felt like this. You are Inspirational Louise, I really think if you can do it, then maybe I can find my best self too.

  85. You are a super inspiration, so good to see you can use food not as a treat – I hope to do the same in time.

  86. I’ve done slimming world, did lose weight but that was over 25 years ago, yesterday was my first day with slimpod

  87. Christine Lymburn

    Absolutely brilliant and so inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. As someone who has done SW on and off for many years it’s become so engrained. I’m obsessed with weighing myself and saving up SYNS for treats and I binge on them and more! Losing weight has become more and more difficult for me over the years and I often walk away from a SW group feeling disappointed with myself and envious of others who seem to lose effortlessly. Even when I’ve tried other diets like WW I still revert to SW plan. I’m on day 2 today of Slimpod and this is exactly what I needed to hear – that I can finally get SW out of my head and finally change my relationship and obsession with food so I thank you so much for inspiring me ?

  88. Just watched your video, I was surprised at how much I relate to what you said. Keeping my fingers crossed it works that good for me too. Well done xx

  89. Wow from one Lu to another well done , just made me think I can do this to , I’ve done every diet in the world so hoping this will work for me .

  90. Your words resonated with me. I have never done any of the slimming clubs in the past. I do agree not to look on a biscuit as a reward but something i enjoy and hopefully will be able to choose more thoughtfully about in the future. I cannot and would not give them up altogether. Life is too short and im at the pointy end! ?

  91. I’ve just joined and already finding this approach heartening. So much of what Louise said resonated with me. Just like Louise I know it is my relationship with food that needs reframing. Her key message of acceptance and time is so valuable. I had got to the point of only thinking about my body in terms of disliking its appearance, I am now starting to think about the positive things it does and how instead of ‘treating’ myself with food rewards at the end of the day, I can eat more healthily to look after myself. I really do want to get out of the diet mentality built over many years. ?

  92. Jennifer Hilton

    Very inspiring for me , a newbie. The most important point for me to remember is the weight took a long time to go on so don’t expect it to disappear quickly. Thanks Louise.

  93. Charmaine Butler-Ritchie

    Wow!.. your story is amazing and as a SW yo yo dieter myself you totally made the penny drop talking about being a slave to the scales and constantly being Syn obsessed! I started my free trial a few days ago, with the thought “if this doesn’t work, i’m giving up and getting a gastric band!” . i’ve noticed I already feel more positive and actually I did t get crisps with my lunch today! . i’m glad I watched your video . it’s given me a boost to believe in it and give it time. Thank you!

  94. I’ve just joined Slimpod and this has gave me a confidence boost to know i have made the right decision. I don’t feel the pressure of thinking of the next weigh in and the inside panic waiting to go on the scales! Slow and easy the secret to success!

  95. I joined slimpod and started Wednesday. So just learning and accepting that hopefully this is the way forward.
    Listening to your story has really resonated with me. My initial thoughts when starting were ‘I’m on holiday in June, and I want to lose this amount of weight by then’. Listening to you, I’m not going to go with that mindset because that might not happen, and I want to take the pressure off myself. My problem is also snacking, I’m looking forward to the time my brain is in tune with my body and I don’t do this any more.
    Thank you for sharing your story. This has given me hope after 46 years of breaking the diet treadmill. X

  96. michelle pattinson

    I’m so happy for you and genuinely thrilled to hear you so happy and positive about yourself. I’m on day 3 of this new way of life and I’m looking forward to a year from now to see how I feel and hope to be much healthier. Thankyou for sharing your story it is very inspiring and encouraging. I wish you all the very best for the future x

  97. Thanks for sharing your story and well done on changing eating habits that have formed over years. I’ve currently got the WW app and just started the free trial and hoping Slimpod can really change my emotional eating. I have health reasons too and recent scary high blood pressure, so thank you for the inspiration. That whole relationship of ‘rewarding’ yourself with ‘bad’, ‘naughty’, food! Has to change! ? I’m clinical, and a mindfulness teacher now so I know the mind is a powerful thing! ?

  98. Only on day 2 of the trial Louise’s story has given me hope of the future thank you for sharing your story

  99. Katharine Salmon

    Thank you Louise for sharing your inspirational story. I am on day 3 of the programme and it is really good to hear your experience.

  100. Barbara Willis

    Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. So inspiring! I started slimpod yesterday and I’m really excited about everything I’ve heard so far. I’m really hoping that this works for me too.

  101. This is so inspirational, I lost 3 stone on slimming world, but as you said, Louise, it took over my life, I couldn’t enjoy food or meals out with the family.

  102. Fantastic ? well done and you look fab. I’m on day 2 and am very motivated by your video. Thank you.

  103. So good to hear your experiences. Good to know it’s not a quick fix which doesn’t last. Well done on your new mind set. I am just starting today

  104. What an achievement, well done on your amazing weight loss, you are an inspiration to us new starters! ??

  105. Shelley Sawkins

    Well Louise your story has given me hope & inspiration. I was a persistent Slimming World member for years until 3 weeks ago, must’ve spent upwards of £15-20K over the last 30 years at both SW & WW and I’m heavier than I’ve ever been in my life! Joined a 10 day trial of slimpod 2 days ago and I believe if you can do this then maybe I can too? Thank you for giving me hope and WELL DONE!!

  106. Really inspirational, Louise! I too tried Slimming World, which worked, but I found I’d thought about little else but food the whole time I was on it! Slimpod sounds a lot better, so I’m looking forward to trying it. Many thanks to you and to Sandra!

  107. Great to see you looking so happy! I found your story inspiring because it shows that a lifetime of dieting can be turned around into a lifestyle of self-belief.

  108. Well done Louise. I am brand new to this so still trying to get my head around it. I can’t quite see how it will happen but going to give it everything I have. Lisa 🙂

  109. Absolutely fantastic! I’ve just started my free trial & you put everything into perspective so up & on and I will think about what you have accomplished to help me through you go Girl ?

  110. Wow… so much of this resonates with me. I am just hopeful that I (finally) find the kind of success and happiness that Louise clearly has. Inspirational xxxx

  111. I’m on day 2 of slimpod, lots of lovely little nuggets of knowledge and inspiration in your video, thanks for sharing ?

  112. Rebecca Crossley

    You are such an inspiration, this is the very beginning of my journey and I really do hope to be where you are now some day in the future.

  113. Juli Beswick-Valentine

    Huge congratulations on losing weight and taking up riding.
    I fully identify with being a slave to scales, it was an daily obsession. I have only recently joined Slimpod and already I overcome the need to use those scales

  114. Well done. Just starting the journey and struggling to remember to listen to the podcasts but will get there.

  115. Pamela Annable

    I’m a new starter and to hear about Louise’s journey and change in mindset is truly inspiring. Feeling positive.

  116. Amazing so inspiring. I’m on that journey and I love the fact you’ve done those diets, and now it’s so different. Thank you for sharing your story

  117. Lorie Troughton

    Super success Louise u must feel a million dollar and super proud of the journey u have been on .. many congratulations & thanks for the inspiration too
    Lorie x

  118. I loved hearing about how much you love ponies Louise! That’s how I feel about my dog! But seriously what an amazing and inspiring story. The part about the size 16 dresses was wonderful as I have often bought clothes that are too small and therefore uncomfortable! Silly!
    Thank you. X

  119. Thank you Louise. That sounds amazing and i can really relate to all the things you mentioned and am looking forward to starting my journey

  120. Anne-Marie Oshea

    Wow! You’ve done so well. I’m so glad I listened to you it hit home with me that I need to be patient and accept the small changes. Thanks x

  121. Claire Daniels

    Wow Louise you are an inspiration! Well done on reaching your goal. I have just started my journey and am looking forward to seeing what the future holds

  122. Hi ! I’m on day 10 and this story has inspired me to carry on as I’m in a very similar mindset !

  123. Michelle Maggs

    Thank you Louise for being so frank and honest in your chat with Sandra. I was on SW and lost 4 stone which has all gone back in and more. I have found listening to you truly motivational, because I have still been in the syns and treats cycle. Sugar is my downfall along with stress, and I’m struggling to beat it, but everything I see and hear on Slimpod is slowly helping me to think differently. You are inspirational and deserve to have lots of fun with your pony…. Thank you ?

  124. I loved hearing about your journey and how things changed over time. It really resonated with me about being a slave to the scales. I’m ten days in and trying desperately not to weigh myself daily so I hid the scales but I do panic and I did get them out again today and weighed myself. After listening to your story I think I need to throw the scales away and just trust in myself and commit 100% to my journey. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s inspiring!! .

  125. Hi Louise I really enjoyed listening to your story. Very well done. I wish I was where you are right now. Very early days for me so still a bit down at times, but I’m convinced I will get there too . I will try and be patient. If I don’t stick at it I know 100% I’ll just get bigger. You’re such an inspiration. Just what I needed to watch. Thank you.

  126. Louise you are an inspiration !
    It especially resonated with me about leaving behind the Slimming World type guilt ! All the best for a continued successful journey

  127. Sharon Goldsmith

    Just coming to the end of my free trial and was intending to carry on anyway but listening to you Louise has inspired me even more and I just hope I have as much success as you have. Thank you for sharing.

  128. Thanks so much for sharing this, Louise! You are an inspiration! I have years of slimming club conditioning to undo, too! The freedom you speak of is what we all crave!

  129. Nikki Westland

    Louise, you are an inspiration! Your words have really helped me. I am on day 12 and you are so motivational and positive; you have given me a huge lift. It was a joy to listen to you!

  130. Thank you for sharing I am eight days into my journey and you have inspired me to so much . I know I can do it I just have to give myself time

  131. Michelle Pezzaioli

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Louise and I’m going to take on board your tip of it will take time. I have been doing it 3 weeks and I am beginning to see small changes already. You’ve done amazing and look fantastic. Enjoy riding your pony for a long time

  132. Dawn Goodwillie

    You have given me the strength to continue on this journey because I am just like how you used to be. I have done slimming world weghtwatchers you name it I tried it. I’m beginning to make better choices and instead of buying chocolate at the supermarket I’m buying fruit instead. I can do this just like you have. Thanks for sharing your story xx

  133. Fantastic to see your weight loss and I am no longer going to be controlled by the scales!! Thank you for freeing me!!!

  134. Thank you for sharing. Im at start of week 2. It’s a real mind shift …. I’m still trying to shake SW mentality and ignore scales. Feeling more positive about success after listening 🙂

  135. I am nearly finished free trial but will continue as I have nothing to lose (only the weight) as I have done EVERY diet known to man (and woman) Really excited about this, watch this space!!

  136. Well done Louise on turning your life around and sharing your journey with us . You are an inspiration, I am only on day 10 but can already feel significant changes , I look forward and know I can change too , thank you for sharing and thank you Slimpod .

  137. Wow what a story. You have inspired me after breakfast today to walk to shops instead of go by car, as I need to collect shoes from repairers, thank you.

  138. That is brilliant! Well done Louise. I was interested to hear your thoughts, as I was going to join Slimming World, but then came across Slimpod the day before and so never got there! To be honest, having done other clubs like Slimming World without longterm success, I think it would have been much the same result, I have already experienced some changes to how I feel and food choices, and have refused several things that were cravings before I started. I am excited by my goals and looking forward to seeing the butterfly of the real me emerging, just like Louise. Thank you for the inspiring story.

  139. Enjoyed listening to your achievements, you look great and yes I have it in my head not to rush it just one day at a time, thank you ??

  140. Like you Louise I used to be a slimming world consultant and had the mindset of syns and eating big portions of ‘free food’ that will speed up weight loss . Now as I am older it doesn’t work, I was putting on weight, was a slave to the scales . I have just completed my 10 day trial and immediately I found myself ignoring snacks , crisp, biscuit, chocolate on the supermarket shelves. I shocked myself when I got home and realised I hadn’t bought any . I haven’t been tempted to snack and my portion sizes are a lot less. I weighed myself at the start of my 10 days and at the end I have lost 7lbs . I’m proud of myself , I look forward listening to the pods each night and I’m sleeping better . I’m looking forward to smaller dress sizes and feeling fitter and healthier. You are an inspiration.

  141. tk you for shareing, the acceptance of the duration of time for weight loss is a
    valuable insight for me. It makes it much more about how I need to live my life but still have enough food for energy. without looking like a barrage baloon.

  142. Hi Louise,
    I’m still smiling minutes after watching the video with you and Sandra. I wish you continued joy and happiness and hope to see more of your inspiring story in the future.

  143. What an inspiring story. I’m just on my second week and can agree that I’ve lost the desire for snacking like I used to. I guess the real test will come when I go on holiday next week.

  144. Thank you. This was very inspirational. I’m still early in my journey and hoping it will kick in soon ?

  145. Diana Mclellan

    Dear Louise Thanku for ure generosity of sharing! Ure extraordinary success & the grace of ure achievements is so inspiring to me. Thanku. Keep hvn lotsa fun & inventing new extraordinary goals to step into!! X Di

  146. Caroline Stoddart

    Brilliant inspirational video and thank you so much for sharing your story. Your words about the time factor really helped in my case x

  147. Hi Louise. I am Size 22 and am giving myself 1 year and 9 months to get down a few dress sites. From 2xl to a médium is my long term goal I am 64 so it resinated with me that you 50 and same starting point

  148. Very inspirational! I’ve just joined Slimpod and your story is so interesting, lovely to see you are enjoying life so much. Thank you for sharing this.

  149. Thank you so much Louise I can so relate to everything you said it’s good to know that your not alone in this journey and it takes time I think that has been a huge issue for me failing in the past and my way of thinking I’m a week in and I’m already feeling more positive and confident mentally so thanks to you all for the support.

  150. Gosh Louise you look wonderful and it was so refreshing to hear you describe SW. I too have been a slave to their indoctrination and I want to feel free.
    It’s early days for me just a week in, I’ve not noticed much tbh and want to break free of the chains which are my weight issues.
    Congratulations to you, long May it continue. xx

  151. Well done Louise keep up the good work . .

    Well done Louise found the same with slimming clubs , having to look at the books search for points and write down meals .made me.think so much more about food . And it seems to overtake your life . Well done It is all about our mind set .x.

  152. I love the way you told your journey and got quite tearful when you got on your pony. Enjoyed listening to you explaining your changes and the difference between diet head and Slimpod. Looking forward to when I have a normal and healthy outlook to food too!! Well done x

  153. Thanks for the tip about eating something if you want it but not using food as a reward! I do that all the time and then somehow the reward becomes a punishment! I’m going to try and take your philosophy on board. Thank you !

  154. It was good to listen to and well done! However, I am still confused as to how I should be acting and feeling. It’s still not clear to me if I can ‘enjoy’ treats like jelly beans (which I’m eating now) or if I should be indifferent to them …..

  155. Thank you so much for sharing – you are amazing & look fabulous – so much of what you said resonated with me! Particularly being a Slave to Scottish slimmers/slimming world – I used to treat myself & deny myself food! Over indulge at weekend & try to catch up for weigh ins!
    I’d also graze my way through the day at my desk (M&S family pack of crisps!) & it’s great to hear how slimpod is making a difference to you as I also am stopping the snacking 🙂

  156. Well done on the weight loss but also well done for keeping it off , you really are an inspiration to all us new starters , I am on day 8 I think but I know now watching and reading your story that I can and will do this.

  157. Louise, thank you so much for sharing your success. It has certainly inspired me as I am currently in the doldrums (but not giving up and hanging in there) and seeing the difference slimpod has made for you is really encouraging.

  158. Thank you for your honesty Louise, what a compelling video. I’ve just started Slimpod and your video has really helped me to believe I could do this. I’ve tried Slimming World too and my habits were just awful, Binge night every week on weigh in day, working my whole day around an evening treat, just ridiculous and unsustainable. I need to shed the diet-club mentality and your video has helped me to believe I can. Thank you so much for sharing.

  159. Thank you , I also found slimpod one night in bed I could not sleep. I’ve signed up a week ago but I also paid for a 12 week count down with slimming world ? how can I work them both until the end of my 12 weeks ?
    Your chat was so helpful.
    Thank you Dawn

  160. Everything you used to describe your old mindset resonates with me.
    You have given me hope ? thank you and well done!!!

  161. Louise, I loved listening to your story, thank you. I’m a Liverpool lass too and as I have yo-yo dieted on and off for years, I recognised last year how much I was mentally beating myself up for not being able to stick to wise eating, and you’ve just said a similar thing, that you knew your mind needed to master something but didn’t know where to start. I’m 10 days in and feeling hopeful. Thanks Louise and thanks so much to slimpod ??

  162. Thank you Louise for sharing your journey! I’ve tried so many different diets and hearing you mention ‘sins’, reminded me of why taking the Slimpod journey is so important. You are so inspiring! Thank you showing that it’s possible to gradually retrain ones mindset and consequently losing the weight that was yo yo- ing around, or just piling up! Stay safe and well.

  163. I’ve just stopped ww for first time in my adult life I have a lot of health problem s and very poorly husband but I needed to do this me and feel inspired to do it thank you

  164. Louise Dilloway

    Hi Louise, I’ve just watched your video about Slimpod and you’ve done brilliantly. I I’m about 8 days into it, so still waiting for things to happen, but seeing how well you’ve done is so important to me as it gives me hope.
    Enjoy your success, you deserve it.

  165. I listened / watched your video and it echoed so much to my life regarding slimming world.. I am a slave to the syns and the scales too. I am at the start of my slimpod journey and I am inspired by what you have to say, thank you

  166. Thank-you so much for sharing your journey, your so right when you said it took time to put the weight on so its alright that it takes time for it to come off, I’m not weighing myself I’m going on inches lost, I hate scales !!

  167. I totally agree, I’ve done slimming world over and over and always failed, felt stressed, I’m sure it’s also to blame for the way I look at food too.

  168. Very inspiring as I have done slimming world also and got to target twice then put it all back on!…like many other people…so thinking about trying Slimpod. ,Feeling deflated at the moment so hoping Slimpod gives me back my enthusiasm !

  169. Well done, Louise! It’s stories like yours and people like you that are inspirational to a “diet head” like me!

  170. Thank you for sharing your story Louise. As someone who did SW a few times and both times has success then saw it all like back in and some I completely get the de mindset challenge. It’s trying to change the relationship with food that a lifetime of misinformation has lead to. I’m on day 6 and you have truly inspired me.

  171. What a great & inspiring story! I recognise so much of what you describe about your old mindset & I’m looking forward to changing my mindset too. Thank you for sharing

  172. Wow Louise, I love your story, I have been an institutionalised member of SW for 1 year and have successfully lost 3 stone going from a 22/24 to 18/20…. I started Slimpod 2 weeks ago and love the freedom and the non syn mindset!
    You have truly inspired me on my journey to being a size 12/14 ( bottom half has always been a bigger size) 🤣
    Thank you sooooo much 🤩

  173. Well done Louise, you should be so proud. I have so much weight to lose but I am hoping I will get there in time. Thank you , you have gave us all hope and encouragement.

  174. Wow. Amazing.
    I have just joined slimpod as want to get away from the constantly thinking syns,points,calories.
    You have inspired me, after years of yoyo dieting, I really hope this works for me.

  175. Thank you Louise. You are such an inspiration and your comments have been so helpful. I too had become a slave to misguided slimming groups. Although a newcomer I already feel these ‘chains’ are being broken. It’s an entirely new way of thinking which brings freedom of thought. x💐

  176. Louise it was an inspiration to hear you . I recently moved from slimming world to slimpod and I took great comfort in your words

  177. A very inspirational story, I am at the start of my journey, having signed up whilst still following SW diet, I have lost 2 stone on SW, but it’s stopped working maybe because I am getting bored with the controlled eating regime, however I have been dreading ditching the SW approach in case Slimpod didn’t work for me, this story has helped me and given me some confidence. Thank you

  178. Such an inspiration . Thank you for sharing . Lots of what you said meant so much and a lot of the time i was yes that’s me !!

  179. Listening to you has been amazing, you’ve done so well and really changed your mindset.
    I’m in my second week of Slimpod, I have accepted it’s going to take time to lose the weight, still hating the way I look but I know I will get back to the weight I was prior to the surgery, I am more mobile and determined more than ever after watching your video that I will reach my goal. Well done you, enjoy your Pony, at 84 I don’t think that’s the route I can take butI will get back to my dancing. Thank you for inspiring me.

  180. Well done Louise. What a testimony as I have tried all the diet clubs and it does leave you feeling like a failure and craving for more food.
    I feel better already and less fixated on food and I’ve been doing slumped for a week.

  181. Very inspired listening to Louise. I also went to Slimming World and lost weight but put it back on as I needed to deal with causes of my overeating. I will take my time and continue on my journey with Slimpod as I only started 10 days ago. Thank you Louise!

  182. Hi lousise ☺️ Thanks for sharing your experience of weight gain weight loss and your wins through Slimpod. I’m on day 7 today and feeling little changes each day. Well done x

  183. Amazing – a complete emotional & physical transformation. You look and sound so happy. A really inspirational story.

  184. What an inspiration! Louise’s story resonates with me, and I am sure this story is very similar to the story of many others. For most of us, weight loss has been a lifelong struggle, at the cost of many thousands of dollars. Thank you so much for sharing❤️

  185. hi thanks for interview as a past slimming world consultant I could totally understand your mindset, and had given up with diets as they were never realistic for the long term, and actually made weight gain worse.

  186. Amazing how your mindset has changed completely. I remember when I achieved my goal weight with Slimming World being horrified to discover I was expected to keep counting syns for ever as a way to maintain my weight. Loving the freedom that you’ve found around food and the non-food ways you treat yourself now.

  187. I really enjoyed listening to this. I did wonder what my expectations should be in terms of weight loss and you’ve reassured and calmed my mind. Thank you

  188. Hi Louise, I’ve just started on my Slimpod journey and reading of your success is inspiring. So happy for you and thank you for sharing. Lynn.

  189. Such a massive achievement Louise, congratulations. I like that you’re trying new things, it’s true that confidence opens us up to new experiences. I’m nearing the end of the 10 day trial and already I can feel the benefit, i like that we’re all in this together and support each other. Bye for now and thanks x

  190. Congratulations on getting up on that pony! Thanks for telling your story. Just started ” podding” ( stopped ” plodding”!). Biggest step, ditching scales…..DONE.

  191. Thank you Louise, so much as what you said resonates with me. I first joined WW at aged 19 (now 57) and been yo-yo dieting ever since, have tried them all. Felt Slimpod is my last chance to get the weight off and be healthier, happier around food and get fitter. I’m on day 9 and not interested in snacking, can’t believe it as I was always eating junk or thinking about what I could have next. I feel free for the first time in years around food, Now feel I can actually do this, my thinking around snacking has changed so much and hopefully it will continue. I feel positive and your video has just cemented this feeling. Thank you and Slimpod. I CAN DO this! Anne xx

  192. Hi the way Louise talked about slimming world and how she used syns to treat herself at the end of the day resonates with me. Hopefully I can get away from thinking of food as a treat and start going for walks the way I did before I was caught up in revolving diets

  193. Well done Louise. I have not long started Slimpod and you are an inspiration. Reading about your achievements cements the reason why I joined in the first place!

  194. I love your story Louise, thank you 🙏 so much for sharing, I am just starting out on my journey, I identify with a lot of what you have said ….. the guilt, not liking myself too much and the scales!! 🤔 🥰

  195. Thankyou Louise, I get it now . I need to lose 3 stone I spend my time apologising to myself , dog , kids .
    You have unlocked something in my inner self and I will start my slimpod journey and stop apologising and succeeding instead .

  196. Wow Louise very well done! What an inspiration you are! I to have been a sw consultant and now am the biggest Iv ever been! You have given me hope and understanding as to why I just know it’s about the mind and that it’s going to work! Thank you ☺️ x

  197. Fantastic Louise, so, so inspiring, great encouragement. I have recently become a Podder and completed the 10 day trial. Have cancelled my SW membership and committing to Slimpod . Thankyou so much xx

  198. I’ve just started Slimpod (a week in). I have noticed that snacking stopped already and so it is really encouraging to hear that this is how your journey started too. Thanks for being so open and honest in sharing your story. It takes time is a key take away for me, and listening to you talk so passionately has helped me realise that things won’t change over night, but they will change. I need to be kind to myself and stick with it 😊

  199. Thank you Louise, listening to your story has given me hope and inspiration that I can lose weight and keep it off. I have just joined Slimpod so early days for me.

  200. Louise, what an amazing story. You’re an inspiration and I will remember you and your positivity as I start my Slimpod journey. Thank you 🤩 x

  201. 0h what an inspiring Story, l especially loved the part about , that it takes time, l know exactly what she means re. Other diets, losing weight rapidly etc etc. So Thank You Louise for giving more of an insight into the process of Slimpod. You look amazing.

  202. Hi Louise
    I’ve struggled for years with my weight and my health. I joined slimpod a week ago and already feel different about food. Your story is so relatable and inspiring it has made me feel even more positive. Thank you for your honest and open words. Mags from Warrington xx

  203. Hi Louise
    I’ve just started. I can really relate to what you said. I’ve been a weight watchers leader and a nurse. I worked with type 2 diabetics and I was always banging on about diet and exercise. I have punished myself for being so overweight since I retired and what I took away from your pod was to be kinder to myself. Thank you and I will keep you posted.

  204. I’m 6 days into the free trial and like you have realised l’ve stopped snacking. Your story is an absolute inspiration. It’s a story of enrichment growth and positivity as opposed to the usual narrative of depravation and negativity. Well done and keep enjoying your best life 👏👏🥂

  205. Well done Louise I could totally relate to your journey as a rider and runner as well as dieting thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

  206. Wow well done Louise you are an inspiration. Keeping up. I’m so impressed this is my first week. I think I’m already benefiting from the pod. You are going be my inspiration

  207. Fantastic Louise I’m so pleased for you , I have lost a lot of weight with slimming world years ago but couldn’t keep it off and I would have been classed as an extreme exerciser. Now I’m quite disabled so I look forward to telling my story in time 🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️

  208. Lots of things ringing true with me here as a former slimming world member.. thanks for sharing! Coming up for 1 week in and feeling positive about this different approach.. I’ve already noticed I’ve stopped snacking too!

  209. I enjoyed your story & your promise to be able to ride Dolly one day and sticking to it. I am size 22 and you have really given me hope & inspiration to know that I also can make this a successful journey just for me because I am worth every moment of glory.

  210. What an inspiration you are Louise, you have spurred me on and given me insight, I am going to hide the scales and get on with my life , caring for myself with control and sensitivity, my treats are changing to things like, soaks in the bath, yoga, reading and walking up hills with my dog xxx

  211. What an inspiration you are…
    .iv did w watchers & slimming world & every thing you said is true about the treats/syns & food being on your mind 24/7.
    I’m only on 1st week with slim pod but feeling positive

  212. Good morning Louise, it was so good to watch your video, I to have the Slimming World state of mind ,I’ve probably lost the body weight of a whole person in the amount of time ive got to target then regained the weight again! I joined slimpod last week .Watching and listening to your video has given me so much more confidence that this really is going to work for me ,congratulations on all your achievements, thank you for sharing your story x

  213. Sarah Shanmuganathan

    Just what I needed to hear. Congratulations Louise! Coming up to one week in Slimpod and I haven’t binged, which is remarkable. Looking forward to unlocking Week 2!

  214. Well done Louise. What a joyful, hopeful and practical story about
    your personal journey. I took particular hope from the freedom you have gained from the constant “voices in your head” All that space freed up to be who you really are! Thank you.

  215. Thank you for sharing Louise … I’m in my first week of joining slimpod and your story has inspired me to put the scales away!!

  216. Fantasitc story, well done you.
    I have been doing it now for 3 weeks and i feel absolutely the same. Food seems to not be a focus anymore. It is just a fuel for me and i take what i need and and no more. It all seems so easy but you realise it all makes sense.

  217. What an inspiration. I’m still on my free trial and enjoying the process so far but I feel apprehensive. Don’t know why.

  218. Patricia Collins

    Thank you Louse I really liked your comment about no longer using food as a reward. One of the things I am hopefully reinforcing is that I like myself enough not keep using external treats like food!

  219. Well done in losing so much weight, and finally happy with yourself. I’m still a few days into the 10 day free trial but have already noticed a difference. My weight has increased since hitting the menopause at 42 (I’m now 62) and I’ve struggled to kick the chocolate bingeing etc., and my thoughts have always revolved around thinking and eating food. Since listening to the late night pods I’ve slowly been moving away from the ‘fast food’ fix and have now found myself reaching for healthier options. And I think this may also be down to sleeping much more deeply since listening to the ‘chill’ pod just before going to bed. Being an insomniac and feeling so tired made me feel completely washed out but I’m now finding I have much more energy. x

  220. Ann-Marie Chamberlain

    Well done! This is just what I needed to see and hear right now. I was going to join Slimmers World but opted for Slimpod instead. Early days but your post gives me the positivity I need.

  221. Wow! Well done Louise – stories like yours make me even more confident that I can do this – so amazing! xxx

  222. It was great to hear your story Louise. I really liked your emphasis on reframing your thoughts around food as a reward. I will try to be patient with myself and allow myself time. Thank you

  223. Louise, you are an inspiration! Love that you no longer define treats as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and if you want something, you eat it – what freedom! As an ex-SW attendee, I look forward to seeing food as fuel, not something that defines my day. A 50 pound loss is incredible!

  224. I’m only 5 days in as I watch this but already I totally resonate with everything you say in this video. (I too was a SW consultant in the mid 90s btw). The main thing for me is I totally accept that it will take time (first time ever of not expecting big changes overnight lol) but the best thing so far is how much less guilt I feel around food – eating – the whole shebang. I can’t believe the shift I’ve felt myself in such a short time – it’s like I’ve been waiting for this the whole time to be able to finally put to bed my personal daily inward fight with myself and it feels wonderful. I’m really looking forward to see what other changes start naturally occurring. It’s really quite marvellous. Thank you for making it seem so real and achievable folks.

  225. I am still in the Slimming World mindset but after listening to Louise, I have put my scales in a hard to get place.
    Thank you for your positivity.

  226. I am 4 days into this and so much of what you said resonated with me. Thank you for sharing and being so honest and congratulations on your success. Inspiring xxx

  227. Amazing Louise and thankyou for the tips. I’ve just started Slimpod and your story has helped to motivate me! I just looked at my journal from yesterday and I’ve put wins and also the negatives, which I hadn’t realised, so thankyou for helping me to realise this too!

  228. Fantastic interview and thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to get to the point where I don’t need to think about food and retraining and finding alternatives to treating myself with food.

  229. Oh well done. I’m 5 days in and size 22. For the first time in a very very long time I believe I can do the same. It will take as long as it takes but I am feeling so so different already ❤️ You are an inspiration thank you

  230. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s very similar to my own. Have been on SW for a year but always known my meals are basically fine and it’s my sugar addiction and obsessive snacking that’s the issue. So I joined slimpod a week ago and my mindset has changed totally, very quickly, which I’m certain is what I’ve needed.

  231. Omg Louise 50lbs is fantastic and the personal achievement of back riding again too. I can do relate to your story. I’ve done SW for years with different consultants and groups. Losing and regaining the same amount for years. I comfort eat and reward by eating. I’m brand new to Slimpod. 4 days in. Listening watching the videos and listing my success which I find difficult as I’m my biggest critic. I’m interested in when you say you eat what you want like the icecream are you also consciously choosing low calorie foods the majority of the time or just trying to sort out your head and eating guilt free. I struggle with this as I eat healthy most of the time but then treats can be high calorie and I find when I eat them I can’t stop so begins the downward cycle!!

  232. Wow, you are an inspiration and your words are correct in sw making us slaves to syns ect, thank you for sharing your story 😊

  233. Rosemary Mclaughlin

    I think this amazing and testimony to how this SP does work. I do now realise its the letting go of the guilt around food that helps towards our goals. Louise you truly are an inspiration. We’ll done.

  234. Loved the video Louise. I am a SW member and can identify with the weigh times and the feelings it provokes. I’ve listened to the pod on the trial each night before bed and noticed I’m not bingeing or going out to buy ice cream!! You look lovely and have definitely inspired me to carry on. Thank you.