Keep the weight off over Xmas with this unique free download


CHRISTMAS can be a challenging time of the year for so many reasons.  People become anxious that they will undo the great work they’ve achieved over the year because traditionally the Xmas period is full of temptations and excesses.

I know from the comments in our private Facebook group that Christmas brings on huge food anxiety. It can take a different type of effort to keep going.

So how would it feel if you had a control boost?

How would it feel if you could stay within your limits and were able to simply look forward to the New Year, knowing you had nothing to worry about apart from simply continuing on your journey?

Well, now you can!

Here’s a special pre-Christmas gift from me.   It’s a download which will help to take the worry out of the seasonal anxieties and enable you to enjoy Christmas without going over the top!

It’s designed to play from the blog NOT via your app. So return to the blog and listen either before you go to bed or when you’re relaxing at some other time of the day.

I’d recommend you start now and listen until the end of December.  That’s it! Peace of mind for Christmas!

Below the download you’ll find some other useful tips on keeping the pounds off at this time of year.

Keep The Weight Off Over Xmas


What else can you do to keep the weight off over Xmas?

In several studies researchers intentionally overfed people and discovered that some people put on weight and some people didn’t. Weird, eh?

Further experiments were carried out to see what actually happens inside people’s bodies that determines whether they store excess food as fat or burned it off.

So what was happening?

Well, the people who burn it off naturally increased their movement and those who put on fat did not. We’re not talking about going to the gym or doing intensive workouts.

We’re talking about natural everyday movement that seems to stop during the holiday season!

This type of movement is called NEAT. And it stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

This is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.  It ranges from the energy expended by walking, typing, performing physical work around the house/garden to running around after kids and general day-to-day activity.

So how do we put this into practice right now?

Well, have a think about CONSCIOUSLY increasing your NEAT during this holiday season.  Make time for post-meal walks and stay ACTIVE during the day (even if it’s cold outside!)

The message is: Keep your bum off seats as much as possible!

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PLEASE feel free to share this blog and the download with all your friends who might find it helpful.

And do leave a comment below to let me know how you’re getting on as Xmas approaches.

47 thoughts on “Keep the weight off over Xmas with this unique free download”

  1. robalex.houldsworth

    This came at a good time , I have a virtual works Christmas do tomorrow and we all received a hamper of drinks and snacks to enjoy during the call!
    So now I feel like if I prepare in advance and have a healthy dinner before the call, and pull out one drink and one snack to enjoy with everyone else that will help me keep in control of the situation whilst still having a little treat!
    Thanks for helping me think about this!

  2. Thank you so much for the added gift and advice! This is the first year i have a full 2 weeks off over xmas and fully intend to be out walking the dogs for longer each day than i do currently while working. Walking has been a total life saver for me especially this year through lockdowns etc! Thanks again x

    1. Hello Jayne,
      When you want to listen to the new pod, temporarily change the time before your phone times out. Go to Settings < Display & Brightness < Auto-Lock and set it to Never. Change it back to the previous setting when you finish listening.

    1. Hello Jill,
      We’d love to be able to help but at the moment this isn’t possible I’m afraid for technical reasons. Sorry about that.

  3. Thank you so much! I’ve shared it with my daughter who has been worrying about Christmas food etc
    I will listen to it every day x

  4. Thank you Sandra, that’s a very thoughtful gift – and very timely too. As well as using it myself, I’d like to share it with a friend who’s been struggling as her slimming club has been a bit hit and miss since March. I’m sure she’d benefit from Slimpod as much as I have but she’s a bit nervous about changing.

    1. Hello Heidi,
      I’m afraid it’s not possible to load this download on to the playlist or the library for technical reasons. Really sorry about that.

  5. Thank you Sandra, something else to add to my box of magic tricks.
    I’ve only been doing Slimpod for 11 days and know it is going to change my life and mindset for ever.
    No snacking, no bingeing, a couple of mince pies but no guilt and I feel happy and positive like I have not felt in a long time. An early Xmas gift and one that shall be well used.

  6. Thank you so much Sandra, that is so kind. I struggled quite a lot during lockdown and then finally managed to get back on track and was beginning to worry that I may slip back over Christmas. So absolute godsend! Thank you x

  7. Thanks so much. Perfect timing too, just as all the temptations start. Much appreciated. Happy Christmas to all at Slimpod x

  8. We use energy typing?!!
    Thank you so much for this kind gift. Will listen every day until Christmas, hoping it helps me keep things under control.

    1. Sorry Karen, for technical reasons that’s not possible at the moment. But you should be able to save it to the home page of your phone for ease of use.

  9. So relaxing it was some thing I need for Christmas. It was the. Best gift ever. Thanks Sandra. Merry Christmas stay safe. X

  10. I think this is fabulous!
    Ive been podding since July , with The Gold and Extra I wasn’t getting anxious abt xmas but this has made things even better that I can have a wonderful time without the guilt!
    Happy Christmas to The slimpod family! Everyone who knows me also know about my best friends Sandra and Trev because I talk about them all the time!! xxx

    1. Great idea, Gill. Would you mind briefly explaining to other podders how you added it to your home screen as I’m sure a lot of them would be intyerested in doing the same,.

  11. How to add this to your home page? On my Android phone I go to the top of this page to the three dots on the right of the page title. Press them you will see the add to home page option. Select this and then from your home page you can get straight to the blog page with the pod.. Is it the same for iPhones?

    1. iPhones have a share button at bottom of the screen. It’s a square box with an arrow. That gives you the option to share to your Home Screen, same on iPads

  12. I love discipline – not too much eating was always my thing. I have been the same weight for 35 years which is 61 kg. I have to watch carefully what I eat. I weigh myself 3 x a week. So therefore I always know what’s going on and I stay on top of it. I don’t understand why people have to gorge themselves for Xmas. You only feel sick and drunk. Just have water

  13. Thanks so much for this gift Sandra . It will really help me to keep focussed on what’s important to me rather than what I will eat . I know it’s going to be of huge benefit to see me through this short but sometimes overwhelming time .

  14. This is great! I didn’t even realise I needed it but I was anxious about losing control over Christmas and bingeing. The pressure from family to over indulge was already worrying me. I love the points about how no one remembers if you ate a mince pie, they remember the good times together. Listening every day and have now made a plan of what I intend to enjoy over Christmas and what I don’t intend to indulge in. Feeling strong! Thank you.

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