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HI THERE, Boot Camper! I’m so happy you’re taking part in this exciting healthy eating extension to the six week Slimpod Boot Camp. Recently, I’ve been focusing on my own nutrition – not just to control my weight but for health, wellbeing and performance.

I’ve been feeling really empowered because of slight changes I’ve made to my daily food choices and I’ve also lost inches in the process. So this gave me the idea that I want to share with you.

Obviously Slimpod motivates us to make healthier food choices, which is key. However, we can go one step further and take a little time to learn about how we can use food to our advantage, whether it’s for weight loss, wellbeing or general health. You are what you eat!

It’s assumed that deep down, people know how to eat healthily.  But there’s so much confusion about what “healthy eating” actually is that I thought we’d unravel this over the next three weeks and really get to understand what we’re putting in our bodies.

So for the next three weeks I would like you to focus on loving your body – and I mean really loving it! Imagine it’s your most prized possession, something you worship and care about.  You could even imagine your body is a six-month-old baby – how careful would you be about what went in its mouth?

Healthy eating means cutting carbs!

healthy eating

Protein-rich food for healthy eating


For this first week, I’d really like you consciously to cut down on processed carbs.  This means cake, biscuits, bread, pasta and anything that you know in your heart is not worthy of going into your mouth!

You can do some research and start following “clean eating” guidelines.

I’m just asking you to cut down this week – not give them up completely because that would be deprivation and depriving yourself doesn’t work.

I also don’t want you to calorie count. This is about eating the food that’s good for you and will help you lose fat. It’s also about  being more aware of what is not good and will not budge the fat!

One of the main things for this week is to make sure you eat protein twice a day. Lean meat, fish and eggs are packed with healthy protein. This is the only thing I’m going to insist on.

Please start as soon as you can.  I know some of you will be on half term and that will have its challenges but so be it.  This is important!

So just to recap: It’s really simple. Cut down on the carbs! That means less sugar and fewer biscuits. Pump up the protein!

Get the measuring tape out today and make a note of your vital stats. Then measure again in three weeks and see the difference.

If you have a tight pair of trousers or a skirt then in three weeks it should be easier to get into.

Your Slimpod will support you with your healthy eating – and that way you won’t need willpower!

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