Food and diets are no longer my master

I LOVE getting your emails, texts and messages about food and diets because you tell me the most brilliant stories about how your lives are changing because of Slimpods. A couple of days ago I was thrilled by this email from Denise Gray, who’s kindly agreed to let me share it with you. Here’s what she wrote…

Hello, Just wanted to say that I have lost my “diet head” after nearly 40 years of trying to diet. I’m a typical dieter. Lose 10% of my body weight then plateau, become disheartened, lose interest and put the weight and more back on. The mainstream diet clubs don’t address the reasons why people overeat, binge and become unhealthily focused on food/eating.

Since using the Slimpod this time round as instructed, I have virtually stopped snacking, I eat what I need to and leave what I don’t want. Whereas I was eating food whether I needed it or not because my diet consultant said it was “free”, thereby fuelling the cycle of focusing on food and eating for eating’s sake.

Inspiring weight loss quote about food and diets attitude from Thinking Slimmer

With my Slimpod food and diets are different. I log my long, medium and short-term goals and tick them off when they are achieved. Goal setting seems pretty easy this time round – walk for 30 minutes every day for the next week, drink 4 pints of water/herbal tea every day today, lose a dress size by 12th February.

Successes are great to fill in too and help me focus on how my mindset is changing – snacked on a small handful of almonds, walked for 80 minutes, decided how much wine to have and stuck to it then had soda water and lemon.

I have ditched the scales and haven’t really bothered to measure myself since I started Slimpod. However, my clothes feel looser, I look a little leaner, I don’t have heartburn and that awful bloated and guilty feeling. Food and diets are firmly at the back of my mind, along with the dieting/weighing in culture, rather than them being my master.

I’ve over indulged a bit at Christmas but not massively. But here’s the bonus – I don’t feel as though I have failed. Christmas and other celebrations are a part of life and can be accommodated, not feared or dreaded because of food and your relationship to it.

I feel great and look forward to the continuing subtle yet massive changes that are happening to my mindset around food and diets.

Regards – Denise Gray


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