Flatter tummy that looks how you want it

THOUSANDS of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And thousands are discovering a strong core, a flatter tummy and all-over tone and fitness with MuTu System. When both are used together – Slimpod + MuTu – your Mummy Mojo is unstoppable!

Thinking Slimmer has joined up with Wendy Powell, globally renowned postnatal core restoration specialist and founder of MuTu System, to offer you the chance to get what you really deserve: a flatter tummy that looks and feels the way YOU want it to.

Fat loss without deprivation, diets or hang ups PLUS a fit, strong, sexy body with a flatter tummy that makes you feel truly confident inside and out.

For 10 lucky people, it gets even better than this! They will receive both a Slimpod AND a MuTu programme PLUS personal mentoring throughout the 12 week journey.

Some people find it easier to achieve things if they have a buddy who’s there to give them support and make them accountable for hitting their goals. That’s what the Thinking Slimmer Helping Hands mentoring programme is all about.

Participants send us a weekly online update of their progress and in return a personal mentor is available each week to give advice, support and encouragement.


Catherine MuTu Slimpod weight loss success story

Read Catherine’s amazing Slimpod/MuTu success story >>


So imagine what a difference this could make to your life:

A free Slimpod + a free Mutu programme + free Helping Hands mentoring

All we need from you is your full commitment to the joint programme.  Your success is important to us and the results will be used to launch a similar programme in the United States in October 2014.  This means that by applying to take part you will be agreeing to share your before and after pictures. Don’t worry, we won’t be publishing your pictures without your prior approval or against your wishes.

This is a win win…you win because you’ll get your body back and we win because we can rave about your success.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already experienced either programme before or not, it doesn’t matter where you live (we’ll be supporting you ‘virtually’ throughout), it doesn’t matter how long ago you had your babies or what your starting point is.

To be in with a chance of being part of this life-changing opportunity, send an email to Sandra@ThinkingSlimmer.com telling me, In no more than 100 words, where you’re at now, where you’d like to be and why you want to join this exclusive VIP group of women.

Entries close at midnight on February 19, 2014.


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