The inspiring story of Drew Lynch, the comedian who stutters

IT was my 20-year-old daughter who introduced me to Drew Lynch. “Mum, my favourite comedian’s doing a show in London this week and I’d love to take you with me to see him,” she gushed. How could I resist? “He’s one of my favourite You Tubers,” she said.  “He’s fabulous and the thing is, he stutters. Really badly.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A stand-up comedian who stutters? Do I really want to sit through an hour of that, I thought? Well, I did. And do you know what? It was the most inspiring and emotional hour I could ever have imagined. Drew Lynch is 26 and looks about 18. A few years ago he was playing softball and was hit in the throat by a ball, damaging his vocal nerves. Worse, he fell backwards and hit his head – and didn’t realise he had suffered concussion.Without treatment, his brain never recovered from the damage caused by the fall and Drew was unable to speak normally again. But he looked adversity in the face and vowed he would conquer his disability. Remarkably, Drew Lynch auditioned for America’s Got Talent and on his first appearance on the show he had the audience, the judges and most of America in tears. Here’s a video of that emotional night… What’s so powerful about Drew Lynch’s act is that he tackles his disability head-on and shows that there’s no obstacle in life that can’t be overcome if you have the determination to succeed. That’s a great lesson for all of us. If you think you can’t do something – like lose 20lbs or run a mile – you’ll never get anywhere. But if you use the obstacle to your advantage it can help you succeed.  When you vow to succeed, even if it’s against all the odds, as Drew did, you can triumph! If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it! Drew Lynch didn’t win America’s Got Talent. He came second – which is an astonishing achievement for a man who can hardly put two words together without struggling. Here’s another video which shows you how Drew has won the hearts of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. One more thing. Drew has a special helper dog called Stella who is trained to raise the alarm if Drew has breathing problems because of his throat injury. I took a quick snap of Drew and Stella together as we left the theatre the other night. My daughter was in tears so I asked her if she was crying because she’d fallen for Drew (who is adorable). “No,” she sighed. “It’s Stella. She’s so beautiful.” I love them both. Because they are one of the most inspiring couples I’ve ever met. Please tell me what you think of Drew Lynch’s videos. What lessons can we all learn from people with that kind of courage?
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18 thoughts on “The inspiring story of Drew Lynch, the comedian who stutters”

  1. Aurelie Tudeau

    Loved. What a beautiful story. Drew is so funny, I laughed so much. What an inspiration.
    If he has faced adversity and turned it into a beautiful story then so can I.

  2. Love him! So positive and happy despite his situation. Also I think his relationship with his girlfriend is just adorable and what love is really all about ?

  3. christine carberry

    i was feeling a bit down. but watching drew i thought what have i to be down about. he did make me realise i to can acheive things . good luck to him. x

  4. I have seen some of his videos on youtube and he is such an inspiring person! I wish I could meet him in real life (and his dog:-)

  5. I absolutely adore Drew and Stella. I discovered them on YouTube (a few months too late to catch his UK gigs I hope he comes back) when I was looking for information about training a service dog (I have greyhounds but none has been trained to do tasks… yet) . Stella is quite an unusual breed for a service dog.. Drew is naturally funny and upbeat and his family are funny too. I found it moving when he said the guy he used to be would never have wanted to hang out with a guy like him now, and how he was kind of a jerk. He was just a young aspiring actor, popular, into his sports and probably like any other young, fully able man embracing the World who didn’t need to give disability much thought. He’s definitely not a jerk now though.
    Sadly, he’s no longer with the girlfriend who was featured on AGT but I doubt he has any problem with the ladies! I think him and Molly Burke would make a great couple! Check her YouTube channel, she is totally blind and travels the world with her service dog giving motivational talks.

      1. That’s what I’ve been looking for!! I couldn’t believe it even I heard they weren’t together and even more that he’s engaged to his New Girlfriend! ((I was positive that the story he told of her taking on 3 jobs to support his audition on AGT was definitely a sure indication that they were gonna get married and were def In-Love! I can’t find anything more about it than “they broke up” ????

  6. Linda LaFountain

    Drew. First saw you on AGT and fell in love with you. You are so funny and just adorable. I hope all good things come your way!!! Your the best.

  7. I am a stutterer and have spent most of my life learning to adjust and adapt to the negative effects it brings. Drew is an amazing comedian and human being. I have watched just about all of his YouTube videos and laugh more than I ever have. I don’t think his performances on AGT showcased how truly awesome he is. I love the relationship he and Stella have as well.

  8. William Propsner

    God Bless Drew and Stella. When you leave someone with a smile on their face, then you succeeded in your mission.

  9. The videos are fantastic. It is fantastic what he demonstrates in the bravery and strength department. Wishing him many more successes as he demonstrates that there is no such word as handicapped.

  10. Brooke lee Eide

    I feel so bad for drew lynch because he can’t talk very good, and when I watched the videos I was about to cry because his voice sounds so sad to me I hope your son feels better again love Brooke lee eide.

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