Depriving yourself makes you eat more

Willpower and depriving yourself of treats makes you gain weight

DEPRIVING yourself by trying to use willpower to make yourself eat less, won’t work! Scientists have discovered that women who were making a conscious decision to deprive themselves of calories – which is just a long-winded way of saying dieting! – ate 40 per cent more than women who burning calories by exercising. 

It’s all because of the hunger hormone grehlin, which I’ve written about a lot. Grehlin controls how much you eat (or don’t eat) in order to maintain a fairly level weight with enough fat stored in case of famine (it’s a caveman thing).

The team at Loughborough University took a group of 12 women who restricted their diets by about 840 calories (almost half their average daily need) then measured how much they ate at a buffet dinner.

Next time, they put them on a treadmill until they had burned off about 840 calories and measured how much they ate at the buffet. It was 40 per cent less than before.

 What this shows is what I’ve been telling people for years – that diets don’t work and in the long term actually make you eat more.

Depriving yourself and willpower won’t crack it, I’m afraid – only by retraining your brain so that the all-powerful subconscious mind makes instinctive adjustments to what you eat and how much you move can you hope to lose weight and keep it off for good.

That’s what our Slimpods do. They interrupt patterns of behaviour in a way which means that the brain’s hormone balance is not violently disturbed but gently adjusted.

One interesting finding from the latest research is that it contradicts the popular belief that exercise makes you more hungry. Going for a brisk walk, a jog, a Zumba class, a swim or a game of tennis doesn’t encourage you to eat more in the hours immediately after.

And people who listen to our clinically proven Slimpods discover very quickly that their mind takes control of their eating habits and they only eat when they’re hungry. So no need to be depriving yoursefl!


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