Confidence, self-esteem and weight loss

HERE at Slimpod HQ we’re often talking about empowerment, confidence and choices and in this video I discuss the importance of having that inner confidence DURING the journey to lasting weight loss  – and not just when you stand on the scales.

There’s also a special mention for a very lovely lady on her birthday – and her story is sure to inspire you! She hadn’t been to a work Christmas “do” for 12 years until Slimpod gave her the confidence to go out and enjoy herself.

PS: If you have any questions you’d like to ask me – or any happy messages for the birthday girl – please feel free to leave them below.

10 thoughts on “Confidence, self-esteem and weight loss”

  1. I can so relate to this, when I look in the mirror I really hate what I see, an overweight, flabby body. I’m stuck on 12 stone, doesn’t matter what exercise I do I may drop a couple of pounds one week but put it on again a few days later. I cook from scratch, am a vegetarian so eat loads of fruit and veg, aim for low carb meals and listen to Trevor every night but I’m stuck. It’s so demoralising. I will stick at it and just hope I’ll have a break through sometime soon.

  2. That blog was absolutely brilliant! You are so right about the importance of self esteem needing to be worked on separately from weight loss. So glad this lady went to the Christmas party.
    As someone who was a fat child and called fatty buster at school Could I see a picture of you when you were a fat child Sandra?! People don’t believe I was fat now!

  3. Angela schofield

    Thank you I feel like a flower that has now opened, I went for a afternoon tea today for my birthday and I brought home my cakes and I didn’t even think about it .

  4. lindsayamccormack

    This really rings true. Thanks for highlighting the link and I look forward to finding out more about how to disentangle self-esteem and body size.

  5. Lovely start to my day after feeling pretty down about my size having gone to lots of pre-xmas events already – gave me the little boost I needed to dust myself down – thank you x

  6. Happy Birthday Angela!
    So pleased for her. I can definitely agree with the yo yo confidence, especially this last time when I developed ME and put all the weight on. I was working and feeling good, then bam, I was ill and the weight I had worked over the previous years to keep off flew back on and I became the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. My confidence took the biggest nosedive after that. It’s gradually been improving as I’ve managed to lose a little weight but I do need to learn to love myself more. I’ve never been fully happy with my body even when I was smaller. If I was that size again – which I plan to be – I certainly won’t be unhappy with it then. 🙂

  7. So relate to the impact self esteem and confidence has on you, loving yourself is not always the easiest if thigs to do, but when you do WOW how good do you feel. Well done “Cinders” and a Very Happy Birthday..looking gorgeous in your dress so go have an absolute ball at the party. ????

  8. Dorothy Tyldsley

    Thank you so much, Sandra for all your useful tips and encouragement. Also well done to Angela. She is looking (and feeling) great.

  9. This is just what I needed. Just on my third week and I can’t believe the change in my eating habits ! I can honestly say that I haven’t eaten ANY_sweets, chocolate ,cakes ,biscuits or crisps since starting. This is like magic to me. Thank you

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