Three ways to keep the pounds at bay this Christmas

Christmas is now only a couple of weeks away and it’s the season of mulled wine, mince pies, chocolates, big meals and party food. 

It’s easy to overeat so it’s no wonder that December – and in particular the last 10 days of the year – is when lots of people gain weight. 

Being on a Slimpod makes a big difference, of course, but being mindful of all the ways that we’re conditioned to do less and eat more at Christmas is a great start. 

So in my video this week I’m talking about three great ways to keep the pounds at bay over Xmas. Click on the image to go to The Slimpod Channel on YouTube:

Be alert for the “what the hell” behaviour that can creep in.

This is when you eat one more mince pie than you know is good for you then say ‘what the hell, I may as well have two more!”

It’s also important to understand that the supermarket marketing experts use every trick in the book to hypnotise you into buying more food and drink this time of year.

So be consciously aware of this and it will be easier for you to resist the temptation to overload your shopping trolley.

Finally, make sure you get your body moving over the holidays. Get up and go for a walk with family or friends!

I’ll be doing a deep dive into keeping in control over Christmas in my Facebook Live tonight Dec 7) at 7.30pm UK time on our main Facebook page, Slimpod For Weight Loss.

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Please leave a comment below to let me know what you’re planning to do this Xmas to help keep the pounds at bay.

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15 thoughts on “Three ways to keep the pounds at bay this Christmas”

  1. I am already struggling. Whenever my family come over or stay, or if I go to stay with my them and my grandchildren I stop being mindful. It’s something about belonging and being part of the crowd and also something about ‘I deserve’ it’s also about wanting to be loved and included. It’s so old and boring and pointless but I still do it. I have been re listening to Slimpod Gold for a while but it was not reset so I have got a bit lost as to where I am. Also I did not get the emails. I have done the pods and wins, yet even those I have stopped for the last few days during the run up to my family arriving and for the few days while they were here. They have just left and I am exhausted, very weepy and feel a failure all over again. I keep plodding on but do worry will I ever make it? Thank you for your email it has prompted me to send this and reach out. I am really grateful for Slimpod but don’t do it credit because I keep messing about. .

  2. Start Christmas AT Christmas so for me, that’s 24th Dec – I used to buy goodies as early as late November and ‘pretend’ they were for Christmas – they were usually eaten well before Christmas arrived and I’d always have to buy more!

  3. Regular Out door swimming . Our local pool is heated and not expensive ! I always feel good and more in control after a swim ????‍♂️

  4. Decided not to buy any chocolates etc I’ve been given some by my mum and that will do. I’m trying to remember it’s only only 1-3 days that’s it.

  5. Firstly, I won’t be buying tins of chocs and sweets until Xmas eve and then it will be a very small amount for the family to enjoy. When they leave my house on Xmas night, they will be taking any leftovers, (if there are any,) with them so I’m not tempted.
    My mindset is pretty switched into slimpod mode right now tho so fingers crossed,????????????

  6. If you dont want to be tempted to eat it, dont buy it. It’s far easier not to buy rather than to need to fight the demons within and the feelings you will get if you lose the battle.

  7. I’m currently incapacitated with 2 osteoarthritic knees and a left foot with one definite dropped metatarsal and possibly 2 more. Also have pulled a tendon/muscle in the left shoulder from too much swimming and aqua exercise. How can I exercise??? I’m awaiting MRI scans end of December. What can I do?

    1. Bernadette Moylan

      Could you go swimming just to walk up and down at your own pace – it still gets you moving and the water takes your weight so it doesn’t strain you. Also there are some really good chair exercise programmes on the internet.

  8. I was following from May of this year, persavered as I could see from FB page lots of people had very positive results. A few months ago I cancelled my subscription. A week ago I started tried to start listening to my pods, unfortunately they stop half way through. I would appreciatr any advice please. Thank you.

  9. SlimPod has done so much for me already – and the friends I’ve told about it. So already I’m absolutely cold to the supermarket marketing displays – just not interested! Isn’t that great? I’m booked for a Christmas lunch and have chosen my meal and have challenged myself to leave good on the plate – but complimenting the chef nevertheless. Let’s see!

  10. I’ve bought just a small amount of Christmas goodies, but they’re all best quality, so a real treat! (Only one Christmas pudding, one small box biscuits etc.) Plan to buy fresh fruit (no dried), nearer the time. My downfall will be drink, still working on that one!

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