Break emotional eating: Three ways to change evening habits

break emotional eating

EMOTIONAL eating is a BIG problem for so many people. Recently I’ve been having lots of conversations about how to break emotional eating within our Slimpod community and in my Facebook live chats.

So in my vlog this week I’m telling the story of a lovely lady who has struggled with emotional eating in the form of mindless snacking in the evening for many years.

Now I’m helping her stop – and in the video I tell you how.

If you’re like so many others who just can’t control their snacking in the evenings – even though you’ve eaten your dinner – then this is a video for you!

I know you’ll find it useful and please do share with anyone you think will find it helpful to break emotional eating, too.

Please drop me a note at the bottom of the blog to let me know if you relate to the story I’ve spoken about today.


**  We all have the answers within us, we just get a bit bogged down in life and can’t see the wood from the trees – especially when we don’t seem to have any control over the behaviour and it really stresses us.

**  Take a bit of time and answer this: if there were just ONE action you could take which would move you towards your goal of stopping emotional eating, what would it be?

**  Stop and think about your daily routine and see what you can do to change it. Even emotional eating becomes a habit, but it can be unravelled.

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One little task that will help you

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20 thoughts on “Break emotional eating: Three ways to change evening habits”

  1. The start of the description of Sarah’s relationship with food made me cry as it so closely mirrors my own & it was just such a relief to hear that someone else felt like me but was brave enough to share it. Thank-you, this is a bit of a light bulb moment & one I need to think about & re-visit!

  2. I am an emotional eater. When I have dealings with my father I then go on and crave ice cream and chocolate . But since starting Slimpod I have acknowledged this and have a hand full of grapes instead. Thanks Sandra.

  3. I have stopped eating sweets, especially ar night. I am eating more fruit and am aware that I don’t feel hungry, so why was I snacking so much? I’m on the right road now and feel much better. I don’t really eat much on an evening now and if I do feel hungry I might have fruit or a bagel.

  4. Once I have had my evening meal I can’t stop eating for the rest of the evening. I don’t eat much the rest of the day. And I have tried eating more throughout the day but this doesn’t make any difference in fact it can make me more hungry! My husband goes to bed early but I don’t sleep much do going to bed doesn’t help either

  5. Loved the video defo my problem but done rubbish eating for 30 years or more so know it’s going to take a long while to get my brain straight had some chocolate last night felt sick after so I’m still listening x

  6. Very wise words, thank you. I am definitely guilty of evening grazing in front of the TV and would love to stop this.

  7. After supper clean your teeth, it certainly puts me off eating again during the evening! Oh the picture of chocolate ….not a good idea! It looked good enough to eat!

  8. Loving this refreshing approach! Totally relate to this story, my emotional eating comes from stress at work each day and low self esteem, hoping to really change with the help of this programme.

  9. Found myself agreeing to alot of this video. My danger times are afternoon and evenings. Will start changing my time as from today.

  10. For me the eating is after lunch, either at home or at work. It seems the trigger to graze for a few hours comes directly after lunch. Work is difficult to change routine as it is the time I am at my desk writing up patient notes from the morning’s interactions. At home it is usually my relaxation time as am always busy in the mornings. Home I can change but am unsure re work, however work is only 2 days per week now.

  11. This lady’s story resonates with me hugely!! I was sitting nodding all the way through sympathising with her emotional eating. Through various traumas in my life this is by far my biggest problem and has caused me to be overweight my whole adult life and I’m now 49!! I am definitely going to try the habit breaking technique as described, thank you for this video, it’s great to know I’m not alone!!

  12. I’ve gone back to my cross stitching. I’m fanatical about having clean hands to stitch so it means I can’t snack! Result!

  13. I have been an emotional eater most if my life. As you said in your video I eat then I am upset because I know this is what is stopping me lose weight.

  14. Yes I can relate to the lady I have the same problem except I’m not in the kitchen I’m on my bed watching telly and if I know there’s chocolate around I fight with myself

  15. It was great getting the videos on my programme because I do 10 hour shifts and have missed a lot of what is going on thanks

  16. Great advice Sandra, emotional eating in the evening has been a problem for me too. Living alone and feeling lonely in the evening was a massive trigger for me to snack. I’m pleased to say that listening to the sugar pod has had a massive impact on this and I’ve almost stopped all together. Going to bed early is also a really good way of dealing with the evening emptiness. Thank you for posting this.

  17. Enjoying this program- but of a slow start due to holidays with poor WiFi & phone prob but beginning to want to change

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