Are you up for Slimpod 838 Challenge?

ON your marks, get set…GO! The Slimpod 838 Challenge is off and running (or walking, cycling or swimming actually). The idea is that during the month of May Slimpodders complete a virtual John O’Groats to Land’s End relay. It’s called the 838 Challenge because that’s the number of miles between the most northerly tip of the UK and the most southerly point.

This is how easy it is to take part in our fun challenge: We’re going to set up an 838 Challenge thread on our main Facebook page. Click here to go to the page >>

If you do any kind of distance exercise (walking, running, cycling, swimming) then post your distance covered on the Challenge thread each time you do it. If you count steps then we’ll use 2,000 steps = 1 mile.

Slimpod activie John O'Groats to Land's End virtual relay easy lasting weight loss - Thinking Slimmer

To add to the fun, you might like to take a few selfies of yourself in action now and again – or nice pictures of your surroundings – and post them on the main Facebook page (not in Slimpod Club, please) .

The 838 Challenge will be moderated by Debbie O’Connor of Motivating Mum and every day she’ll add up the distance covered by all Slimpodders and see where our relay has got us to. We’ll update the map to show Team Slimpod’s progress and where it has reached each day.

If we get to Land’s End before the middle of May then we’ll just turn straight round and come back again. And after that maybe we’ll walk across Europe one day – who knows! Maybe round the planet next!


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