NHS nurse Elaine

“I feel fantastic and glamorous in my new dress and I feel so slim and comfortable in my body! For the first time in my life I feel in control of what I’m eating.”
Lost 26lbs in 14 weeks
“I used to overeat – massive portions all the time. Now I’m totally in control of what I eat.”

Elaine Grainger is a 58-year-old specialist intensive care nurse with three children. She was a size 14 when she started nursing at the age of 35 and before listening to Slimpod was a size 20. In 14 weeks on Slimpod she has lost 26lbs so far, is a size 16 and is under 13 stone for the first time in 10 years.

Elaine, who works at Tameside hospital, Manchester,  says: “I used to overeat – massive portions all the time and lots of refined carbs. Now I’m totally in control of portions and I really only eat for fuel. I’ve just been on holiday and only put on 4lbs.  Before, this it would have been a stone!

“I always knew what was healthy but I didn’t gravitate towards the healthy food.  Now it’s so different.  Eighty per cent of the time I eat healthily food without even thinking about it.

“My thrill now comes from eating avocados and salads! Because my shopping trolley has changed dramatically my partner has lost half a stone as well.

“While you’re on duty as a nurse you are physically and emotionally exhausted. I was always too worn out to plan my meals so I would just grab anything to eat.

“Relatives bring in chocolate and you just graze all day – really not thinking about what it’s doing to you.  You get so tired on a shift and need the energy that sugar gives you to keep you going.

“I used sugary snacks as a crutch. Sometimes on a long shift I could eat a whole kilo of chocolates.

“But the weight creeps up and then it becomes an enormous job to get rid of it.  You start making excuses that it’s just too difficult to do anything about and it’s far easer to stick as you are.

“My figure-hugging new dress”

“Thanks to Slimpod I’m feeling much healthier. I used to consume loads of painkillers for back-ache because of the long shifts and being constantly on the go.  But I haven’t touched a painkiller since I lost weight.

“When I joined Slimpod 14 weeks ago I didn’t have many expectations because I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and I’ve come to an age where I thought ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter any more.’

“I’ve made lots of excuses throughout my life about why I continued to put weight on. However, my daughter is getting married next year and I didn’t want to be a fat and frumpy mother of the bride.

“So I thought I’d give Slimpod a go, and from day one it’s been absolutely life-changing for me. I’ve completely changed my whole lifestyle. I’ve cut out carbs without any problem and I was a carbohydrate addict!

“This is the uniform I wore before Slimpod”

“All I buy now is healthy food. Without really trying I’ve lost 26 lbs in 14 weeks and today I’m under 13 stone for the first time in 10 years.

“I’ve been on so many diets and lost weight then put it back on again. I’ve always felt I was depriving myself on diets – but Slimpod isn’t a diet, it’s a complete change of life.

“I’m really enjoying my food and my diet consists of vegetables, fruit, oily fish, lean meat and nothing else. However, I still like to have a gin and tonic or a glass of red wine.

“For breakfast today I had yoghurt and mixed fresh fruit, for lunch I had a ham salad – and I’m full. I just don’t get hungry. Tonight I think we’re going to have salmon.

“This is just my normal day. I don’t snack in between meals but I do have the occasional something nice. I don’t like calling it a treat because that makes sweet stuff sound like something to celebrate, and I don’t want to have that mindset any more.

“This is the ‘old’ me!”

“If I have a cake or a biscuit I like to think ‘It’s something I fancy, I’ve had it now, it’s out of the way and I’m satisfied.’

“Every day seems a positive to me. I went out for lunch with my daughter yesterday and I had an avocado and tomato pancake. It was definitely a healthy choice.

“Thanks to Slimpod I can go out for a meal and enjoy it. But I leave food on my plate, which is another big change for me. My portion sizes have reduced dramatically because when I feel full, I stop.

“I’ve got every confidence that by next August when my daughter gets married I’ll probably be two sizes smaller than I am now.

“To have my photo taken today I bought a lovely new dress and shoes – and they’re not what I would normally wear. I usually wear baggy clothes to hide all my lumps and bumps but as you can see my dress today is very tight fitting and a bit low – Bardot style, I believe it’s called! – and it’s in nice bright colours, which I wouldn’t normally have chosen.

“I feel fantastic in it, really glamorous, and I feel so slim and comfortable in my body! For the first time in my life I feel in control of what I put into my body. I don’t binge any more but I might have an extra piece of bacon then make up for it the next day.

“I’m in control now for the first time ever and I just wish I had done this a long time ago. I just wish I hadn’t waited until I’m 58 to find out that I can control my weight. Everything I’ve done before has just been excuses but if I can do it, you can all do it.”

  • Elaine was taking part in a trial approved by her hospital and has not been paid for her comments, which she is happy to share to help others.

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