Moira Mackenzie

“I now eat really well and still love my food. But my whole mindset has completely changed – the pleasure in life now comes from exercise rather than food.”
kept it off for 5 years
“I find it really exciting when I walk into Evans dress shop now and say ‘You don’t make clothes small enough for me!”

MOIRA MACKENZIE giggles all the time when she talks about how she’s lost so much weight so easily with a  Slimpod. That’s because she’s one happy lady! When she started listening to her Slimpod in January 2012 she weighed 220lbs and was a size 22 heading for 24. By April 2015 she had lost more than 70lbs* and was down to a size 12 and her weight had levelled off.

After five years, she hasn’t put any of the weight back on!

Moira wore her first suit at the age of 16 and it was a size 16. She actually can’t remember a time when she was much smaller than that and has been on every diet under the sun since she was a teenager. She used to always wear dark colours and hide herself in long cardigans and gillets.  And of course, being photographed was a big no-no!

Moira was a chocoholic and a binger and when she got married she’d shout “yippee” when her husband left the house so she could stuff her face, as she puts it. Three children later she found her weight was out of control.  At the age of 63 she was a size 24.  Then she heard about Thinking Slimmer and Slimpods.

Moira Mackenzie Slimpod lasting weight loss success review after Thinking Slimmer

“This gigantic coat used to fit me once!”

“Almost immediately my appetite reduced and I just stopped bingeing,” says Moira.  “This was a revelation in itself.  My eating habits changed so much.  I used to adore macaroni cheese but now I just have it occasionally.

“My whole mindset around food completely changed.  I now eat really well and still love my food.  I remember I used to do crosswords at breakfast and now I just focus on enjoying what I’m eating.  Makes such a difference.

“As far as exercise is concerned, I remember laughing when I found myself saying ‘I actually want to climb these stairs!’  I feel I have to walk every day now too.  Walking my dogs has also become a wonderful habit.

“When I first started the Slimpod I used to do one or two miles to start with and then it increased.  I now do far more!  The pleasure in life now comes from exercise rather than food.

How Moira’s weight has dropped and stayed off

Moira Mackenzie Slimpod easy weight loss success chart - Thinking Slimmer

The chart Moira created so she could show her weight loss

“At one point the plateau effect crept in.  I wasn’t losing weight for quite a while, I was stuck but I didn’t give up, I kept listening to my Slimpod all the time. Then I read in one of Sandra’s newsletters that the brain just needs to get used to the weight loss and catch up.  I realised it was normal and just kept going.  I then lost another 30lbs or more.

“I was a size 16 for my son’s wedding two years ago and now for over a year I’ve been a size 12. I honestly can’t ever remember being this size.  I find it really exciting when I walk into Evans dress shop now and say ‘You don’t make clothes small enough for me now!’

“It’s interesting how some of the words in the Slimpod recording have more meaning than others.  The words that stay with me are ‘it’s inevitable.’  So true.”

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