Caroline Lockie

“I was a size 22 and hated how I looked. With Slimpod I’ve lost 33lbs and I’m down to a size 12 to 14. It’s just wonderful. I can’t believe how easy it is to lose all this weight.”
Size 22 to size 14
“It’s been an amazing journey – my confidence has grown and I’ve lost 33 lbs so far”

Caroline Lockie, from Godalming in Surrey, was a size 22 a year ago and hated the way she looked. So she signed up for a Slimpod programme and so far she’s lost 33lbs and has been bitten by the exercise bug. “I’m now a size 12-14 but I know I’ll been down to a 10 soon,” she says.

Caroline says: “Christmas 2017 was a defining moment for me – I was a size 22 and just HAD to do something about it. I hated the way I looked and life was full of bingeing and overeating. I would easily eat a whole packet of Yorkie biscuits at a time.

“In the past, I had done some calorie counting but hadn’t really done diets.  I had been to one Slimming World class but hated it.

“So my incentive to myself was ‘If you don’t lose the weight you’ll have to join a slimming club’ and I couldn’t think of anything worse!

“I had been on the Slimpod mailing list for about a year and decided it was time to take the plunge!  Almost immediately I noticed a difference!

“On day one I didn’t have chocolate. On day two there were no cravings. On day four I had lots of Yorkie biscuits in front of me and I didn’t want them!

“Slimpod has made me love exercise so much which is absolutely amazing.  I hated it as a child and now I really love it. I get such a thrill from exercise and have to do it more and more.  If I’m not active it feels weird and as if something’s wrong.

“I’ve just got back from my 5K run, which was absolutely brilliant, and I swim and do HIIT and dance. Nine months ago I wouldn’t have done any of this and the change is brilliant.

“I wasn’t someone who exercised at all, but as we learn with Slimpod all movement is exercise. So you start small and you get an appetite for it. The appetite goes from food and moves to exercise.

“It’s lovely to want to get outside all the time. I want to run all the time and I can’t believe what I’ve achieved.

“It’s been an amazing journey – my confidence has grown and I’ve lost quite a lot of weight. Thirty-three pounds actually, which is pretty good.

“I feel much better in myself, I’m stronger and leaner and that’s all down to Slimpod. I was very sceptical at the beginning but it has worked very well for me.

“A few steps is all you need to get going at first. I even do a bit of boogie-woogie around the house.

“I don’t overeat any more and I just don’t want the same food. I SO loved chocolate oranges and they’d go so quickly – but now I’m really not bothered.

“I’m not making any conscious decisions around food. I just don’t want the rubbish any more! Spinach is now my favourite food and I manage to get it into everything I eat!  I used to be hooked on Yorkie biscuits and now it’s spinach!

“Bingeing stopped early on in my Slimpod journey and I still can’t believe this has only taken nine months for a complete change in my eating, exercise and life in general.

“My 23-year-old son said ‘You’re getting thinner and thinner, mum!’  And now I’m about to start running with him! Amazing!”

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