Real people, real results

Meet some of our super Slimpodders. They’re losing weight – so can you!

Cathy Fernie

"Chocolate was my downfall, now I take it or leave it. I'm making much healthier food choices now without even having to think about it"
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Lost 42lbs

Colleen Smith

“I used to be a comfort eater and I would eat pudding BEFORE dinner! Now things have changed dramatically and I’m choosing more veggies – because I want to.”
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size 22 to size 16

Vic Pires

“If only I hadn’t wasted so much time on diet clubs in the past. All my snacks have transformed from junk food into fruit. Now I’m oozing with the confidence to walk tall, head high.”
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size 16 to size 12

Agata Pokutycka

“I’ve had to completely rethink how I cook everything. I don’t have cake or chocolate because I don’t fancy them. Do I miss them? No! Because nobody’s taken them away.”
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lost 30lbs plus

Glenn Thompson

"Halfway through my dinner I thought ‘Hang on, I’m full.’ In the first 21 days I’d lost 17lbs and four inches off my waist. Now I’m never out of puff, not even after cycling home."
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lost 70lbs

Susie Tucker

"Since I started listening to the Slimpod the weight has just fallen off. I’m in charge of my eating and that’s a powerful feeling.”
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lost over 50lbs

March Bushnell-Lane

"For me, it has been easy; no strict diet to follow, no weighing my food out, no hunger to deal with all the time, no ‘bad’ foods to avoid, just a slow and steady change from feeding my feelings to using food as fuel.”
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size 22 to a 12

Faye Jones

"Thanks to my Slimpod, I hate the taste of Coke, my sleep is 10 times better, my moods have improved - and I've lost a stone! I don't get caffeine headaches any more, which is amazing"
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