Agata Pokutycka

“I really can’t believe the differences in my life. Slimpod has changed not only me, but the way I feed the whole family.”
lost 30lbs plus
“Chocolate, which was my go-to food before, is no longer a problem, I don’t search for it, I don’t need it and definitely don’t eat it”

IMAGINE being a food blogger. “Well, I’m a food blogger and I love food, but I had a terrible problem with chocolate – it was my go-to food!” says Polish-born Agata Pokutycka, a mum of two who lives in London.

“I would bake a cake, the family would have a slice each then go to bed and I would sit with the cake – just me and my cake – and I would eat it simply because I could bake another one next day. 

“I loved cake and chocolate! I was overweight as a result but struggled to lose it because I couldn’t deprive myself of my pleasures.

“When I discovered Slimpod I was amazed how quickly it started working.  It’s difficult to believe how “it changes things until you’re doing it.

“I’ve lost over 14kg (30lbs+) so far in seven months* and have two more kg to go to be in the normal range of the BMI scale – so I will no longer be obese, no longer overweight, I will be normal!

“I really can’t believe the differences in my life.  Slimpod has changed not only me, but the way I feed the whole family. 

“It’s even changed how I blog about food. I still cook from scratch like before but all the ingredients are natural and and the recipes are sugar free or they have sugar replacements in them.

“They’re much more healthy and people seem to love them – so who needs sugar!

“The main difference in my eating is that I’m not stuffing myself with chocolate and cake.

 “Now thanks to the Slimpod I just don’t want the cake and if I do, I just have a piece of it. So no more stuffing with cake, I eat healthy. This is not because I cannot have cake but just because I don’t fancy it.

“Chocolate, which was my big weakness before, is no longer a problem, I don’t search for it, I don’t need it and definitely don’t eat it.

“Now I have different options, nuts or fruit or some of the healthy snacks I have around.

“My family is also eating differently because I’m cooking differently and they have to eat what I cook!

“But my partner who doesn’t listen to Slimpod – or at least he didn’t intend to but had to because it was on the loudspeaker before we went to bed – has changed his eating habits as well.

“He no longer stuffs himself with crisps, which was his big thing, he has an apple or nuts. Basically the Slimpod is affecting everyone around me so we’re all healthier and hopefully sugar free.

“My journey with Slimpod has allowed me to rediscover food in a way that I never would have thought about before.

“And no, I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t have to count calories or sins, I didn’t have a loooong list of foods I can’t eat or any other kind of restriction for that matter.

“When I talk to people and tell them “No, I do not follow any diet”, they simply can’t understand how on earth I can lose weight without being on one or taking some magic pills or maybe a super strict exercise routine.

“They want to know my secret but once I actually share it with them they aren’t satisfied, as it is not a diet and in order to lose weight they expect one!

“No exercise routine? Oh, this will not work!

“No food restriction? No, this will not work!

“You can eat what you want and when you want it? This will not work for sure!

“Oh how marketing teams across the world have so conditioned our thinking!

“Why is it so hard to understand that once you actually start Thinking Slimmer, as in thinking differently about food, your own needs for it and its value to your body, you will be able to make all the right choices without any restrictions from outside sources?

“Believe me, those nine minutes a day listening to Slimpod are well spent. Within days you will notice a difference in your own behaviours and really start to act unlike “you.”

“Do I miss chocolate and cake?

“Well…no, I don’t miss them as no one took them away from me, I simply do not fancy them.

“Slimpod helped me to achieve the right mindset towards food.

“I eat healthier food, create better balanced meals and I do not crave junk food…And you know what the best part is?

“I do not need any willpower to achieve it it just happens. I’m not sure how but it does.”

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