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Meet some of our super Slimpodders. They’re losing weight – so can you!

Jodie Martin

"I'm an M.E. sufferer but after 16 months on Slimpod  I am now 35 lbs lighter, my breathing problems are hugely improved and I feel fantastic!"
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lost 35lbs in a year

NHS nurse Kevin

“My family have now all adopted the same eating habits as me. My wife's lost weight and the kids are happy - you don’t have to eat lettuce and salad for every meal.”
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Lost 30lbs in 14 weeks

Sarah Elliston

"I'd make any excuse to avoid exercise and size 14 was tight. I can't believe how easily I lost weight by listening 9 minutes a day. For the first time in years I have the confidence to wear shorter skirts."
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size 16 to 10

Barbara Greenwood

“I no longer binge eat, it's as if something has reached in and turned down the volume on my appetite. This is a much more natural way of losing weight than a diet”
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Size 28 to 16

Carly Gyde

"My air hostess uniform was getting too tight for comfort. Slimpod has stopped me from snacking in mid-air at 4am. Unlike being on a diet there's absolutely nothing to give up."
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Kept it off for 9 years

Wendy McDonald

"I put on five stone because I'd yo-yo diet and then binge. I used to wear a baggy top and jeans to help hide my tummy. Today, I feel confident enough to brave the clothes shops again."
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size 18 to 12

Suzy Purcell

"My husband's never seen me this slim - and I love it. I'm still able to have a meal plus a little chocolate and wine. I've lost even more weight than I dreamed was possible."
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Teresa Murphy-Swan

"My Slimpod has totally refocussed my mind on what I eat. No more pastries, all I want is fresh veg and healthy protein. I sleep better, I feel better and my body has detoxed."
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size 22 to 14

Alice Baillie

"I decided that I needed to kick start my bid for freedom and my race to look amazing in my dream wedding dress. I can't believe how easy it was to lose weight with a Slimpod.”
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bride lost 22lbs

Francesca Harrall

“With my first day of Slimpod my chocolate craving disappeared. It was weird! I went to the supermarket to buy a few bits and on the way back home I realised I hadn't thought about chocolate like I usually would."
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Snack habit gone
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