Carly Gyde

“I call the Slimpod my no-diet diet because it’s a lifestyle change that doesn’t make me feel as if I’m depriving myself from any of life’s little pleasures. It’s a very convenient and modern way of losing weight for me.”
Kept it off for 9 years
“Because Slimpod’s all about a lifestyle change I just know it will last. Unlike a diet there’s absolutely nothing to give up!”

WORKING on long-haul flights for a major airline really affected Carly’s Gyde’s waistline and her eating habits. She couldn’t lose weight by dieting and mid-air snacks at 4am meant her uniform was getting uncomfortably tight.

 “I loosened my belt but when I got down to the last hole and my skirt was like a cheese wire in my stomach I realised I had to bite the bullet and change my eating habits, not my uniform,” says Carly, 32.

 Luckily she read in a newspaper about Slimpod, started listening every night and began to notice differences in her eating within five days. She’s lost 14 lbs and kept it off for three years – “I call Slimpod my no-diet diet because it’s a lifestyle change that doesn’t make me feel as if I’m depriving myself from any of life’s little pleasures,” she says.

“It’s a very convenient and modern way of losing weight for me but it goes much deeper than dieting ever could. I feel I am making healthier choices and changing my lifestyle for the better in a way that I know will last. Unlike being on a diet, there’s nothing to give up so I’m 100 per cent confident the changes Slimpod has helped me make will be permanent.”

 Carly, who’s 5ft 6in and lives in Eastbourne, says: “I knew I had to do something drastic when I walked down the plane aisle and found my bottom was banging on the seats – or worse, into the customers. So I said to myself ‘Carly, you’re too fat, you’ve got to do something about it.’

“Now, with the help of my Slimpod, which I listen to every day, I can whizz up and down the aisle. In fact, I can even shimmy past the trolley with ease!  My starting weight was 10st 4lbs and now I’m down to between 9st* and 9st 4lb depending on the time of the month.

“Because of my crazy work schedule, always in a different time zone, sleep is precious to me and I find listening to the voice on the Slimpod sends me off to sleep before I know it.

“It’s brilliant to know that while I’m asleep I’m also losing weight. That’s amazing.

 “People who haven’t seen me for a few months say ‘Oh my goodness, you look well’ and I love sharing my secret and urging them to try it.  Everywhere I go I take my success log with me so that if ever I feel it’s ‘big pizza day’ I can say ‘No Carly, you’ve come this far so let’s carry on being good to yourself.’

 “I went on the Special K diet but it was boring and after two weeks I caved in and binged on junk. It wasn’t until I saw an article in the Daily Mail that I came across Slimpod. I was intrigued by the idea of losing weight without having to diet and I’ve always had an interest in alternative therapies. So I ordered Slimpod as I was a size 12 and wanted to be a 10, and printed off the daily success log they sent me.

 “I started listening for 9 minutes before I went to sleep, whatever the time zone I was in. I listened religiously and loved how the voice I was listening to would also get me sleepy. I started noticing a difference after five days.

 “The first surprise was when I went to McDonald’s and ordered fruit slices and water with my veggie burger (normally it was large fries and a large full fat Coke!)

 “Then in the USA we all went for pizza and I actually left half as I was full. This was completely abnormal for me as I am a pizza addict and would stuff myself to finish a large pizza.

“I was losing 2lbs per week without feeling hungry. It wasn’t like a fad diet, but just me noticing when I was full and stopping eating.  After about 40 days I was down to just around 9st* and I had reached my perfect size.

“I’ve still got my curves but I also have a more refined and streamlined body. I have also joined the gym to give my body a reason to burn energy and to tone.  I’m loving my body confidence now and I feel good in my bikini. I look slim in my jeans and for the first time in years I am proud of my slim pins.

“I recommend Slimpods to all my work colleagues as I see them picking at carrots and cereal on the plane and I can’t say enough amazing things about this programme. It’s relaxing, easy and most importantly effective.

“Before I started my Slimpod I was the biggest I’ve ever been and I needed to nip it in the bud. I’d tried to diet so many times but never lost weight for long. The Special K diet was boring, the 1,000 calorie a day diet felt like starvation and the salad diet had one major drawback – I didn’t like it!

“The problem with my job is that it’s always been impossible to sustain a healthy eating regime. When we stopover in the States it seems to be fries with everything and the Americans love to smother their meals with melted cheese.

“The other big problem with having to eat in America a lot is the portion sizes. Before the Slimpod my standard meal would be a large pizza with all the trimmings but now I feel more than satisfied with two or three slices. And all my other portion sizes have been reduced to ‘normal’ again.

“The great thing about the Slimpod, which makes it so very different to any diet, is that I don’t have to give up eating things I like. My mind just instinctively makes me feel full with smaller helpings. 

“I’m delighted that Slimpod has motivated me to be more active. I’ve got a fitness DVD now, I go cycling, I walk to the shops instead of taking the car and I walk the dog a lot.”

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