Teresa Murphy-Swan

“The Slimpod refocused my mind…one day I went to the fridge and stopped and thought about what I was planning to eat. So I didn’t eat it! Then the weight soon started dropping off.”
size 22 to 14
“My Slimpod has taken away all the temptation around eating because I can now walk past the fridge so easily”

TERESA’S eating was all about carbs and processed food – potatoes, bread and pastries. For lunch she’d even have crisp sandwiches and the result was she was a size 22/24. Then she began listening to Slimpod for 9 minutes a day – “it took less than five days for my eating habits to start to change,” she says.

“Slimpod refocused my mind and made me think about what I was putting in my mouth. It really challenged me. Then one day I went to the fridge and stopped and thought about what I was planning to take out and eat. So I didn’t eat it! After that the weight soon started dropping off.

“Now in a year I’ve lost 74lbs*, I’m down to a size 14 and I’m finding it so easy to stuck to natural eating. I feel healthier on the inside and my skin looks and feels much clearer. I sleep better, I feel better, my body has detoxed and I have so much energy I find it hard to sit down.”

Teresa, 41, from Mansfield, Notts, says she’s never felt more confident and happy and credits her Slimpod for giving her consistency in her eating and weight loss. “It took less than a week for my eating habits to start to change. I’ve always been on a high-fat, low-carb diet but to be honest I used to cheat a bit.

“I had an old picture of myself looking awful in very tight clothes – I found it quite shocking so I started carrying it on my phone to motivate me.

“Then I started to think about what I wanted to look like so I had the idea of finding a much older picture of me when I was thinner and putting that on my phone. This was much better motivation than dwelling on how much I hated the way I looked when I was fat!

“Once I’d lost 50lbs or so I felt I didn’t need to weigh myself any more. Instead I tried to focus on the new shape I was turning into and the way my clothes were fitting better.

“Before I started listening to my Slimpod I used to eat a lot of pastries, sugary carbs and very little fresh veg. I’d fill up on bread. Now I eat meat, veg and natural protein.

“If food hasn’t been grown in the ground or reared in a field I don’t eat it! I’ve also stopped having caffeine or alcohol.

“Before the Slimpod my eating habits were very carb-orientated, so I’d have lots of potatoes with a huge portion of meat and vegetables. For lunch I’d have four slices of bread and make crisp sandwiches, so my whole eating was lots of carbs and lots of processed food.

“Now it’s much more of a natural diet. I’ve stripped it right back to natural eating. I’d tried doing this kind of eating before but I felt that I couldn’t stick to it, it just didn’t click, it didn’t have the same impact as the Slimpod gave me.”

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