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More than two decades of experience in the field of nudge behavioural change have been brought together in a partnership between Slimpod and Florence to create a hugely-powerful intervention which provides an holistic approach to weight management, wellbeing and sustainable lifestyle change.

The Slimpod/Florence solution is ideally suited for patients who are difficult to engage with using standard weight loss interventions and those who are experiencing health inequalities related to their condition such as increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, several types of cancer, high blood pressure, respiratory, musculoskeletal and liver diseases.

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If people entrusted to your care are struggling to lose weight and improve their physical and mental wellbeing, then this powerful joint venture between two world leaders in nudge – the science of unconscious persuasion – combines two independently clinically-proven tools.

Nudge theory is increasingly being used in healthcare. Through positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions, people’s behaviour and decision making can be influenced in an empowering, beneficial and sustainable way.

Slimpod, training the brain to eat healthily

Slimpod, which was created in 2011, uses a medically-endorsed programme of digital audio recordings and online video coaching to gently retrain the mind to enable people to think and feel differently about food and themselves. Unlike diets, Slimpod does not tell people what to eat or what not to eat; instead it creates a self-sustaining virtuous circle where people instinctively want to make healthier choices which motivate them to continue their new lifestyle.

Slimpod is being used in more than 40 countries and has been working with GPs and hospital trusts in the UK. The Slimpod project at Tameside hospital in Manchester won a coveted NHS sustainability award for its contribution to the health and wellness of the staff. Ninety per cent of those taking part said they lost interest in snacking and  sugary food and drink.

Karen James, Chief Executive of the Tameside hospital trust, said: “As a result of the programme, 97% of staff say their behaviour towards food has changed. Snacking has dramatically reduced, and for many it has stopped completely. They say they are sleeping better and are feeling less anxious and stress at work, which can only have a positive effect on the patients.”

Tam Fry, Chair of the National Obesity Forum, said the initiative was “trailblazing” and should be spread across the whole of the NHS. 

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Florence, the power of intelligent messaging

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Florence is an innovative digital tool with more than a decade of experience that engages and motivates users via smart text messages. It employs nudges, prompts and reminders to support the change of unhelpful old habits and the formation of healthier new ones.

It is proven to change patient behaviour, resulting in better outcomes and reducing clinical time. Florence is a platinum winner in the 2022 Digital Health Innovation Awards.

It has a record of 20 million patient interactions behind effective patient engagement and its combination with the Slimpod programme requires little if any intervention from medical professionals. Users are guided automatically through the various steps on their 12-week journey to better wellbeing.

In addition, the programme can provide and regular monitoring of measurements such as body weight, waist circumference, physical activity levels, self-esteem and even the number of fruit and vegetables consumed daily. Patients can be remotely supported and monitored and the data around their progress can be automatically calculated and exported to your clinical system.

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