Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis explains how her system works

People always ask if Slimpod is hypnosis but Slimpod is fundamentally different to hypnotic weight loss recordings because listeners are not compelled, ordered or manipulated into a response.

Instead, using unconscious persuasion, behavioural science and psychology,  their mind is offered the opportunity to find better interpretations of their emotions and behaviours that will enable them to reach their weight loss goal.

When you’ve tried to lose weight for years and years it really has a very damaging psychological impact. You get stuck in a diet succeed/fail mindset which dominates your life and your thinking.  You become helpless and feel hopeless. 

The crucial thing that happens during the Slimpod  process is that it moves you from a very self-limiting mindset to one that continually encourages you to learn to make better choices – opening your mind up from something that’s fixed and inevitable to something that’s changeable.  

You soon realise that you have choice and you can take control over your body rather than it being in control of you.  

This is all grounded in proven psychology and neuroscience, which I’ve studied for many years.