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Hello! I’m really happy to warmly welcome you to the Slimpod family. I’m very excited you’ve joined my programme because over the next 12 weeks you’ll get all the resources, support and knowledge you need to help you crack the code to lasting weight loss and live a life free from dieting.

I know you want to get the very best from the programme so you’ll understand why it’s important you watch all my videos and learn as much as you can about your mind and body from the specially-created resources I’ll be sharing with you.

Slimpod is probably one of the simplest and most effective weight loss systems in the world because there are only three important rules to follow.

  1. Listen to your pod every day.
  2. Set your goals properly.
  3. Keep your daily success log.

That’s it! It couldn’t easier, could it? No calorie counting, no weighing food portions, no worrying or feeling guilty. You’ll find you’re not as hungry and you’ll be eating less because you’re feeling full.

I just want you to know that you’re not alone because I’ll be gently guiding you through the programme in a way that has been tried and tested to give you the best possible results.

The next 12 weeks are all about YOU and your magical transformation. The exciting thing about the Slimpod programme is that it’s about so much more than weight loss – you’re going to improve your health, boost your energy level and build up your confidence.

What you’ll learn from me is crucial to your success. You’d be really surprised how many people don’t read the information I give them and then wonder why they’re not changing!

Most days you’ll receive motivational nudges via your inbox, too. These emails are important because they:

HELP YOU to remember to listen to your Slimpod every day (or night).

HIGHLIGHT what you should be reading and watching for the following six days.

GIVE YOU important tips and hints that are invaluable for your success.

So do look out for them and if you don’t get the emails PLEASE, PLEASE contact us immediately by emailing

I know you’re keen to get going, so please watch the video to get you off to the best possible start – and then you’ll be ready to move on.

This is about creating a change that lasts. Your Slimpod will get on with losing the weight while you get on with loving your life.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

PS: By the way, if you scroll down a little you’ll see your Gold Member control panel with links to other areas you’ll want to use such as video coaching and my healthy recipes section.

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Don't leave empty-handed!


Free Ebook Explains how to be your own weight loss guru

Where should we send it?

100% privacy guaranteed! We’ll never share your personal details