Hidden sugar in those yummy High Street coffees

By Sandra Roycroft-Davis

So, the sun has come out – you’re feeling alive, sociable, you want to head out for a quick chin-wag with your friends. In the summer heat we all love an iced coffee or one of those frappe-latte-espresso-creamy thingys, but what you may not have realised is how much sugar is put into them!
I’ve been reading about some of the worst offenders on the high street when it comes to summer coffee shop treats; here are a few.


Mint Frappe Milkshake
This drink is brimming with sugar, a whopping ten teaspoons worth of the stuff! This drink certainly isn’t the worst offender I’ve found, but it does have quite a bit of fat in it, too. If you do fancy a Caffe Nero treat then you’ll find less saturated fat in the Double Chocolate Frappe, just make sure you say no to that extra squirt of cream on the top!


Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappucino
You might not even believe it when I say this, but this drink contains an incredible 16 teaspoons of sugar – that’s not all though, with a large swirl of cream on the top this drink will account for nearly half of a woman’s recommended daily intake of saturated fat.
In fact, there is less saturated fat in a McDonald’s cheeseburger with fries! Ditch the cream, and ask for skimmed milk!


Medium Mocha Cooler
This is by far the worst offender in terms of sugar content – a jaw-dropping 18 teaspoons! This may be a delicious summer alternative to coffee but comparatively this drink’s statistics are terrible.
In pure calorie terms, there are about 440 more than in an Americano coffee! There is more sugar in this drink than in most desserts!


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