Get your heartbeat going at home

Try the great fun of a Wii Fit in your own home

By Sandra Roycroft-Davis

PEOPLE who are using a Fitpod suddenly realise they have more drive to get up and do things. But some struggle to find a way to exercise that’s fun and right for them – so I have a suggestion: Wii Fit Together with a Fitpod (an essential part of the Slimpod Gold programme) you’ll have a winning combination.

Listening to a Fitpod for just 10 minutes a day gently retunes your mind to give you the motivation to move your body more. You’ll be surprised how effortless it becomes to want to take up the exercise you know you’ll enjoy and which will be so good for you.

Darin McCloud, from Portsmouth, used the WiiFit to train in his lounge in his early days on a Thinking Slimmer programme. Now he has lost more than five stone and has run the London marathon and cycled across Cuba.

Unlike an aerobics DVD workout, the Wii Fit lets you choose your own programme and build up your fitness as you use it more and more.

There’s so much you can do on a Wii Fit, lots of yoga exercises as well as other great fitness techniques and mild strength training.

There are a lot of cardiovascular activities on the Wii fit – this is the type of exercise that gets our heart beating faster and we need them for our general fitness. In fact, we should do about 30 minutes a day

There are also lots of exercises that help to tone up muscles and work on balance and co-ordination as well; the system guides you through the exercises and repetitions so it’s easy to keep up with.

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