Weight loss without dieting


Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Healthier, happier weight loss that lasts

Want to stop dieting, obsessing about food, craving sweet things? Slimpod takes just NINE minutes a day to transform your eating habits so you lose weight.

Our clinically-proven programme – which featured on Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well series and on ITV Tonight – gives you priceless control over food by retuning your brain so instinctively you find yourself choosing better, eating less and enjoying moving more.

Every day thousands of people, including Britain’s NHS nurses, are enjoying the power and the freedom of our medically-endorsed online weight loss programme.

There’s no willpower, no dieting, no calorie counting and no rules around food, and that makes Slimpod uniquely effective and completely different to every other weight loss method.

That’s why Slimpod is rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

So if you’re sick of weight loss that’s only temporary, fed up with the feeling of failure you get from self-sabotage or lack of willpower, or if you eat because you’re lonely, anxious or bored then Slimpod’s the solution you’ve been longing for. See for yourself with our no risk 10-day free trial.

Weight loss without dieting

In a ground-breaking project at Tameside hospital in Manchester, Slimpod helped the hospital to become a sugar-free environment and win a coveted NHS Sustainability Award.

Ninety per cent of the NHS staff taking part reported behavioural change and said they had reduced snacking – most of them losing interest in sugar completely.

Slimpod, which is grounded in science, is shown to significantly help wellness by reducing stress and emotional eating.

Weight loss without dieting

In independent clinical trials, 95% of people lost weight with Slimpod and in a recent survey, 79% of Slimpod users said they now want to eat less

“The Slimpod weight loss method is both profound and life-changing”

– NHS consultant’s verdict

Weight loss without dieting

Slimpod helps you lose weight without depriving yourself and it does what diets can’t – it empowers you to feel in control and at peace around food. A whole new relationship, a whole new mindset, a whole new way of loving life.

YOU can experience Slimpod FREE for 10 days with our no-risk, no-obligation trial – and we’ve got a special discount offer as well.

Discover how our programme
changes lives in 9 mins a day


Weight loss without dieting

Slimpod is clinically proven, medically endorsed,
recommended by doctors, used by hospital staff

Weight loss without dieting


If I can do it, so can you

If I can do it, so can you

says Slimpodder Sammie Axton, who dropped FIVE sizes
and has kept the weight off for EIGHT years

Weight loss without dieting

Look how Slimpod helped this NHS
nurse lose 70 lbs with ease

Weight loss without dieting

“People bring thank-you presents of biscuits and chocolates into the ward but I’m not tempted at all by them any more” – says NHS nurse Laurabeth Ives.

(All our nurses were taking part in a trial run by their hospital and have not been paid for their comments).

Weight loss without dieting

** Lifetime access to four life-changing audio recordings.

** Hours of expert video coaching to guide you and support you every step of the way.

** Access to our private Facebook group, plus unrivalled  support from our outstanding team.

All for just three payments of £33 – with a FREE 10-day trial.

PLUS if you decide to continue, your first payment is fully protected by our 100% money back guarantee.

Weight loss without dieting


Weight loss without dieting

In independent clinical trials carried out by a researcher at City University London, 95 per cent of people using a Slimpod lost weight. “You should be proud of your results,” the researcher wrote.

The test group also reported they were able to manage their overeating in one of the most high risk situations – when they were under the pressure of socialising with family, friends or work colleagues.

Trust our customers, not just us

Five gold stars

“Slimpod is so different from any other weight loss plan l have ever done. It deals with things you didn’t realise were a problem – like your relationship to food and your self-esteem.”

Five gold stars

“I found Slimpod accidentally, it is a well-hidden secret. The support, motivation and results are amazing. More people should be aware of this wonderful, healthy, inspiring world of Slimpod.”

Five gold stars

“This is a positive way to change your mindset and re-educate yourself and your eating. It has far-reaching results, both physical and mental, and has changed my perception of myself.”

Weight loss without dieting
Weight loss without dieting

Sammie Axton

“The transformation’s been incredible. I was a size
18 going on 20 but now I’m in 10s and I’ve kept the
weight off for eight years with ease”


Slimpod success by numbers

Slimpod success by numbers


of NHS staff stopped snacking in one hospital


of people lost weight in Slimpod’s clinical trials


of our Trustpilot reviews are Excellent or Good


years Slimpod has been available to the public

Enjoy healthier, happier weight loss

Healthier, happier weight loss

Healthier happier weight loss that lasts

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