By Sandra Roycroft-Davis, founder of Thinking Slimmer

IF YOU’RE new to Slimpods, or even if you’ve been using one for some time, some of you may find you still have your diet heads on from time to time. So I thought I’d explain what happens when you’re on a diet and the way this conditioning might still be affecting you.

All the research shows that no matter what size you are, diets make you hungry and create powerful cravings for the very things you’re trying to avoid. As well as these cravings, dieters feel deprived and can’t understand why all around them they see other people eating the things they are denying themselves.

It’s important not to deprive yourself; a little of what you fancy is good because then the brain will stop longing for it.

All movement

is exercise so

you don’t have

to go to the gym

to be more active

People who have been on a Slimpod for some time tell me the joy of it is that they only think about food when they’re hungry, which is the way it should be. The Slimpod gives you control, you’re in charge of what goes in your mouth rather than it being in charge of you.

DIETS: Although they do produce results in the short term, very few dieters maintain their weight loss, no matter which diet they try. Dieting relies on willpower that’s often strong at the start but then weakens.

This is why Slimpods are so effective; you’re not relying on your willpower because Slimpods gently re-educate your unconscious mind.

With a Slimpod, you’re

in control of what goes

in your mouth. Food’s

not in control of you

FOOD shouldn’t be treated as a bad thing, your mind has to see food for what it needs to be – an enjoyable source of energy that is essential for your health and well-being.

Losing those unwanted inches shouldn’t be a race. Time doesn’t matter because it’s inevitable you will get there in the end. Everyone who’s been dieting falls off the wagon now and again, that’s the way life works so keep calm about the occasional blip.

The truly great thing about Slimpods is that there’s no wagon to fall off. You can have the occasional treat without worrying about it.

EXERCISE is good and it doesn’t have to be a visit to the gym that boosts your metabolism. All movement is exercise and every little bit adds up. Look for the things that give your body a reason to use energy.

Thank you for joining the Slimpod family. As Trevor Silvester always says: Get used to smiling, you’ll be doing a lot of it.

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