Vic Pires

“Listening to Slimpod has transformed me completely and to anyone considering losing weight I’d say it’s the first thing you should try.”
size 16 to size 12
“So many people ask about my weight loss. It’s been easy, I can eat anything and the weight just falls off”

THESE pictures tell the amazing story of the transformation of Vic Pires thanks to her Slimpod. The young mum from Surrey says excitedly: “So many people ask about my weight loss. It’s been easy, I can eat anything and the weight just falls off*. I think to myself if only I hadn’t wasted so much time on diet clubs in the past.

“My Slimpod programme has transformed me completely and to anyone considering losing weight I’d say that it’s the first thing you should try. You won’t turn back.”


Vic charts her weight loss progress*  over four months with milestones every woman will identify with.

My dress size

 Vic wrote in her blog: “Dresses I bought in the January sales are already hanging off me, making me wish I’d bought a smaller size. The size 16 skirt I bought at the beginning of January is loose, almost to the point of falling down, and a tighter skirt I bought as an investment to slim into now fits perfectly.” But look what had happened by mid-April: “The sister dragged me out shopping again this weekend. I bought a cute pair of shorts for work in a size 14. I tried on the same pair of cropped trousers I wore last year as well. Last year’s (which I’ve donated to mum as they’re too big now) were a size 16. I fitted into a 12. Ems said she was going to put all her size 12 clothes up on eBay. I’ve told her I’ll have them first.”

My good eating

Vic writes about what her Slimpod is helping her to achieve: “All my snacks transformed from junk into fruit. I noticed that instead of cooking large portions and leaving some towards the end, I was cooking smaller portions and becoming a better judge of how much I’d actually eat.

 “Someone asked me, if I could eat anything right at that moment, what would it be? Fruit, I replied. Grapes and blueberries and raspberries. Only a few months ago it would have been cake, and crisps and chocolate. I bought some low fat desserts and they’ve been sitting in the freezer for weeks. I have no desire to eat them where once I would’ve gotten through a few boxes a week.”

My self-esteem

“These days I’m oozing enough confidence that I can completely forget what lies beneath the clothes. I know how to hold myself and I know what makes me look good: walk tall, head high and work that ass. The weight doesn’t bother me so much any more. Sure, it’ll be great to shift those last pounds, but I’m also making my peace with them. I’d better appreciate those curves whilst there still here.” 

My bra size

 “The thing that has me most excited is that I’m now back down to my pre-pregnancy 34J bra size. I thought it would never happen. “We visited Debenhams for bra fitting and I was completely blown away by the change in myself: I’d gone from a 34J just six weeks earlier to a much more manageable 32H. I’ve tried losing weight a few times since popping out my firstborn and I’d never managed to drop past that size. Now I’ve just plummeted and smashed into it.”

My tights

Vic wrote about another success: “I bought tights at the end of last week. Well no, that wasn’t my success. The success was in the sizing. I went for the usual large size and they’re too big. I can’t remember the last time I had to go to a medium for tights, probably when I was at school. Roll on ten stone something.”

* While the weight loss results shown on this site are typical, they are not guaranteed results. Individual weight loss results, amount and time duration will vary.

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