Breakfast is SO important. For the best start to your day, avoid those sugar-packed processed cereals


Yogurt and Fruit

If you are pressed for time, the easiest thing to do is to eat full-fat plain yogurt with fresh fruit, and or nuts and seeds. It is important to ensure that the yogurt is plain and contains no added sugar or fats.

Avoid “low fat” varieties as they may contain sugar. Get organic yogurt if you can.

Fruit salad

Pretty much the same as above but in different quantities. Start with a bowl of assorted fresh fruits and garnish with nuts, seeds and natural yogurt.

Morning Oats

You could eat a bowl of oats with fresh, semi-skimmed milk (dairy or otherwise), unsweetened fresh fruit, such as fruits of the forest (berries), raw honey and walnuts. You can heat the oats and milk to make porridge, or just eat it cold.


Make an omelette out of free-range eggs, whole cheese and vegetables. You can add fresh parmesan or feta cheese and broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach or courgettes to make your delicious whole food omelette.

Eggs and toast

Two boiled, poached or scrambled eggs on a slice of whole grain toast with butter. Add some spinach (raw or wilted for a burst of extra veg. Cereal

Choose a whole grain cereal with no added sugar. Be mindful of portion size and maybe add some fresh berries, nuts and/or yogurt with your milk.V Nut Butter on Toast

Peanut butter is very good for you. Check the label to ensure it has no added sugar – the best kind has only three ingredients, nuts, oil and maybe a pinch of salt. You can look out for other nut butters in the shops, or make your own with a blender.

You can spread the nut butter on to a slice of toast, preferably wholegrain , spelt, sourdough or rye, or a cracker, rice cake or oatcake.

Fish and tomato on toast

Some people like to eat oily fish for breakfast such as kippers, mackerel or sardines. Combine them with tomatoes on a single slice of toast.

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