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Retrain your brain to lose weight and keep it off

Takes just 9 minutes a day

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No meal plans, no calorie counting,
no weigh-ins, no willpower required

Most people find it difficult to believe a weight loss solution like this actually exists. But it does. You’re in safe hands with the Slimpod programmme. It’s not luck, it’s science.

Finally free yourself from those punishing fad diets

Instead of telling you what to eat, we use neuroscience to rewire your brain’s reward system to find pleasure in healthier choices.

You start by spending 9 minutes each day listening to a relaxing voice recording (most people listen before bed, and yes itā€™s fine if you fall asleepšŸ˜“)

Additionally you can follow along with the short coaching videos and get support when you need it from our amazing community.

Yes, weight loss really can be that simple. In fact, in clinical trials 95% of people who listened to Slimpod lost weight.

That’s not luck – it’s science.

Start today with a 10-day free trial

The best way to see that Slimpod is right for you is with our 10-day no-obligation free trial.

If you continue after the trial, youā€™ll pay just three monthly instalments of Ā£33 then Slimpod is yours for life!

- NHS nurse Jen O'Sullivan lost 8 stone
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Free Ebook explains how to be
your own weight loss guru

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Don't leave empty-handed!


Free Ebook Explains how to be your own weight loss guru

Where should we send it?

100% privacy guaranteed! We’ll never share your personal details