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“After years of obsessing with my weight and trying every diet under the sun I came across Slimpod and can honestly say it’s the only thing that’s changed my relationship with food for the better.”

Five gold stars

“The future’s bright now: After listening to the Slimpod just once, I stopped snacking between meals! I have lost weight and I’m confident that the weight will stay off this time. Simply amazing!”

Five gold stars

“All of a sudden I’m eating less. I’m giving my partner food. Slimpod is a life changer and a life saver. I’m a 59 year old man and I’ve dieted all my life. Now I have a new relationship with food.”

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of NHS staff using Slimpod stopped snacking in one hospital


of people lost weight in Slimpod’s independent clinical trials


of our Trustpilot reviews are rated either Excellent or Good

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