Retrain your brain to lose
weight and keep it off

Retrain your brain to lose
weight and keep it off


See Slimpod's success in the NHS


Weight loss without dieting

The Slimpod programme, which is grounded in science, gives you priceless control over food by retraining your brain so healthy eating becomes an automatic habit. There’s no willpower, no dieting, no calorie counting and no rules around food.

Thousands of people who’ve experienced the power of the Slimpod programme over the past decade – among them NHS doctors and nurses – know they’ve found something uniquely effective. That’s why we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Slimpod’s NOT A DIET and there’s no food plan, shakes, pills or special meals! Instinctively you find yourself choosing better, you stop overeating and you enjoy moving more. Best of all, you can try Slimpod FREE for 10 days.

stop overeating

We’re very proud that the clinically-proven Slimpod programme helped Tameside hospital in Manchester to win a coveted NHS award for its contribution to the health and wellness of its staff.

“In my first 12 weeks on Slimpod I managed to lose two stone quite effortlessly and I’ve gone down two dress sizes. It’s been life changing – for the first time I feel in control.”

- NHS Nurse Janette with her old uniform


stop overeating

If you’re a yo-yo dieter you’ll know how tough diets can be, so we’ve designed Slimpod to make weight loss an enjoyable journey that takes only nine minutes a day.

Think how liberating it will be when you instinctively stop overeating. Imagine how free you’ll feel once you can trust yourself to make healthier food choices and suddenly what you WANT to eat changes?

Most people find it difficult to believe a weight loss solution like this actually exists. But it does! Slimpod is used by NHS nurses and doctors – and it’s completely different to any other weight loss method.

There’s no ongoing subscription, just three monthly payments of £33 then Slimpod is yours for ever. We believe it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of worry-free weight control and wellbeing.

Slimpod's success in NHS hospital project



NINETY-SEVEN per cent of the staff taking part in Slimpod’s NHS hospital project – some of whom appeared in Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well series and on ITV Tonight – reported they lost interest in snacking and as a result ate healthier food and lost weight.

In other words, success with Slimpod is not just achieved by a few lucky people, but by almost everyone who uses it.

Slimpod is a simple 12-week audio/visual transformation programme which has all your wellbeing and weight loss needs in one easy-to-use web app.

Because Slimpod retrains the brain in an effortless science-based way, and it’s NOT yet another 12-week diet plan, the body fat loss for many has been permanent. This is easy healthy weight loss.

Today you can sample the power of Slimpod for 10 days FREE OF CHARGE with absolutely no obligation to continue.

Beat inflation! We’re holding the price down as long as we can

stop overeating


The 12-week Slimpod programme is FREE for 10 days. We’ll send you a reminder when your free trial is coming to an end so you don’t get charged without knowing. When you continue after the trial, you’ll pay just THREE monthly instalments of £33. NOTHING MORE TO PAY – JUST THREE INSTALMENTS then Slimpod is yours for life! No paying for weekly weigh-ins. No buying costly special food. No pills or shakes. Think how much you’re going to save! And it’s risk free – you can cancel at any time. Enrol today and save £48 off the original £147 price of our online weight loss programme.

People just love us on Trustpilot

Five gold stars

“After years of obsessing with my weight and trying every diet under the sun I came across Slimpod and can honestly say it’s the only thing that’s changed my relationship with food for the better.”

Five gold stars

“The future’s bright now: After listening to the Slimpod just once, I stopped snacking between meals! I have lost weight and I’m confident that the weight will stay off this time. Simply amazing!”

Five gold stars

“All of a sudden I’m eating less. I’m giving my partner food. Slimpod is a life changer and a life saver. I’m a 59 year old man and I’ve dieted all my life. Now I have a new relationship with food.”

stop overeating

** Lifetime access to four unique life-changing audio recordings.

** Hours of expert video coaching to guide you and support you every step of the way.

** Access to our private Facebook group, plus unrivalled support from our outstanding team.

stop overeating

You get all this and more for just three payments of £33 – with a FREE 10-day trial. That’s it – NOTHING MORE TO PAY. No weekly weigh-ins, no special food to buy, no pills, no shakes. Slimpod is yours to use for life so think how much you’ll be saving. PLUS your first payment is fully protected by our 100% money back guarantee.

To activate your free trial we’ll ask for your card or Paypal details but we take no money at all during the 10-day trial.  By having your details on hand we can guarantee an uninterrupted service if you decide to continue after the trial.

Before the 10 days are up we’ll email you so you can’t be charged anything without knowing. And it’s really easy to cancel without any fuss or hassle.

stop overeating
stop overeating

In other words, Slimpod doesn’t just work for a lucky few. Almost everyone who uses it changes their eating habits and loses weight.

Clinically proven, medically endorsed, used by NHS doctors and nurses

stop overeating

Clinically proven, medically endorsed,
used by NHS doctors and nurses

In clinical trials, nine out of 10
people lost weight

stop overeating


Weight loss without dieting
stop overeating

YES, the Slimpod programme IS the solution you’ve always been looking for.

stop overeating

It’s time to be kind to yourself and end your fights with diets forever in just 9 MINUTES a day of easy relaxed listening with our easy healthy weight loss plan.

The medically-endorsed and clinically-proven Slimpod programme – which featured in Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well series (seen above) and on ITV Tonight – retrains your brain so that healthy eating becomes an automatic habit.

Over 35 years of expertise and experience have gone into this cutting-edge neuroscience-based technique, which has a 95 per cent success rate in clinical trials.

stop overeating


You get FREE instant access for 10 days to everything you need to get you started – the Slimpod and the Chillpod stressbuster – plus our expert video coaching programme worth £2,000. We take no money today but your card or Paypal details will secure you guaranteed uninterrupted service if you choose to continue after the trial. 


We’ll remind you when your trial’s coming to an end so you don’t get charged without knowing. You can choose to cancel (most people carry on!) and if you continue we’ll then take the first of three monthly payments of just £33. Unlike other programmes, there’s nothing more to pay after three months. Yes, nothing more to pay! Slimpod is yours for life.


At any time during the next 30 days, if you’re not totally happy we’ll refund your money right away and cancel everything. No quibbles, no fuss, no hard feelings. That’s the protection of our 100 per cent risk-free guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but those unwanted pounds and a total of 40 no-risk days in which to notice the difference.

stop overeating

“I’ve lost all this weight without even thinking about it. My husband’s very happy – he says I look years younger. I’ve kept all the weight off so easily for over six years.”

- Smirti Kotecha with her former look


stop overeating
stop overeating

I'm so confident you'll be delighted with your Slimpod I'm giving you the protection of my 100% money back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied in the first 30 days, I'll give you a full refund. No quibbles. No hassle. A no brainer, in fact!

- Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Slimpod creator


“The transformation’s been incredible. I was a size 18 going on 20 but now I’m in size 10s and without having to diet I’ve kept the weight off for eight years with ease”

- Sammie Axton


stop overeating


Imagine what life will be like if you don’t enrol in my Slimpod programme today. You’ll still be in the same miserable place, trying diet after diet and still not keeping the weight off. Food will still control every waking moment, with cravings and snacks filling you with guilt and that awful feeling of failure. 

You’ll still be wearing dark, dowdy clothes to hide your bulges and you’ll be watching slimmer people leading fuller, more rewarding lives packed with joy and boundless energy. You’ll be a few more pounds closer to those health dangers you dread, like diabetes and heart problems.

The science behind Slimpod may be complex but the principle is easy to understand.

You see, your brain is programmed by Nature to release a series of hormones which control how much you eat, what you eat (especially sugar), when you feel hungry and whether your body should be storing fat.

You’ll never beat your hormones. But you CAN work with them to achieve lasting weight loss.

By resetting your brain’s natural weight management system you can use the power of your mind to take back control over the way you think, feel and behave towards food.

This is the choice facing you today – take an exciting risk-free step towards a better future or stay stuck in the same old rut for ever.

Trust our customers, not just us

Five gold stars

“After 14 months I’ve lost over 100lbs (7 stone)!!! I exercise 3 times a day and love it! It’s as natural as breathing – just like my healthy eating! Best of all, I am now in size 12/14 (down from size 26/28)”

Five gold stars

“Slimpod has changed my relationship with food and has motivated me to lead a more active life. The programme is very good value for money, giving a 5 star service for a 3 star price”


Five gold stars

“I’ve lost nearly 4 stone and have maintained being in a healthy weight range for 10 months. I’m happier, more confident, fitter, healthier & haven’t ever felt like I was on a diet”

Slimpod success by numbers

Slimpod success by numbers


of NHS staff using Slimpod stopped snacking in one hospital


of people lost weight in Slimpod’s independent clinical trials


of our Trustpilot reviews are rated either Excellent or Good

While the weight loss results shown here are typical, they are not guaranteed results. Individual weight loss results, amount and time duration will vary.

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