We’re Getting Ready to Roll Out Our New App

Important points from the video:

  1. We’re rolling the new tech in phases and will be adding people gradually over the next four to five weeks.
  2. Look out for the email inviting you to join the new platform.
  3. If you haven’t heard from us by end of March, first search your other mailboxes and then email customerservices@thinkingslimmer.com.
  4. When you get the email inviting you to access the new platform, please follow instructions REALLY CAREFULLY.  Over 1000 people are on the new platform already and the majority have switched over really easily because they followed the guidance on how to install.
  5. The installation should be really straightforward.  BUT If something goes wrong – firstly look at the troubleshooting guide which will be included in the email and if you need further help please email customerservices@thinkingslimmer.com.
  6. New tech always has glitches and small issues.  If something’s not right, please stay calm, it will be sorted by the team.  You still have your old app to listen to if there’s a problem.

REMEMBER the rollout is being done gradually, and only contact customer services if you haven’t heard from us by end of March!