How I lost 7 stone in just 9 minutes a day with my Slimpod

IF you’re a reader of Woman’s Own magazine you may have spotted this happy smiling lady on the front cover – Slimpodder Rachael Buckett. She’s sharing the story of her remarkable lifestyle transformation thanks to the Slimpod weight loss and wellbeing programme.

Rachael, who has lost seven stone, has also been featured in the Mail Online. We asked her to give us an update on her inspiring journey so far and this is what she said:

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It’s now been two years since I changed my life for ever…Yes, that all important change happened from day one – the change in my mindset that this time I was going to achieve the healthy lifestyle and body that I craved.

In those two years I have gone from feeling invisible, being inactive and 19 stone to size 10 – and so comfortable being me. My confidence levels are amazing…I feel amazing!

I vowed that from the start of the Slimpod programme I was going to change my future for the better, put myself first and invest in me.

Prior to this I really struggled with everything – every single movement was an effort. There was no way that I was prepared to live the rest of my life like that! I needed to make a change – a drastic change and quickly.

Rachael Buckett before

Rachael before starting Slimpod

Rachael Buckett on bike

Fit and healthy Rachael today

Rachael before

Even walking was a struggle

Rachael after

Rachael loves her new look

Slimpod has made changing my life forever so easy

Yes, I have been determined and focussed to succeed, but listening to Slimpod for 9 minutes a day has made that so very easy! Slimpod has helped me change my life forever and given me a future to be excited for! 

So what is life like now that I am over seven stone lighter? What new habits have I maintained? Well, one big difference is that I’m able to fit in to new size 10 outfits!

I started my new job yesterday and haven’t stopped showing them my ‘before and after’ photos, my magazine articles, and I actually sit in the canteen for lunch (after my walk) and chat about biking and hiking – instead of hiding away in my office!

I really think that there are elements of the Slimpod programme that will stay with me forever. I definitely still do eat less, move more and chose better – on a daily basis. 

Here’s a video I made a little while ago with Sandra, the founder of Slimpod (I’ve lost another three stone since filming):

Why I hardly ever sit and watch the TV any more

Two things that help me be more active are giving up using the car and only watching one hour of TV a day! 

I never use the car for trips around Inverness – I will walk or cycle. This is so liberating! Not relying on finding car parking spaces – juggling use of the car with my hubby – finding out bus times…not to mention the ever-increasing petrol prices! It’s less stressful and better for the environment too!  

Because of the transformation that the Slimpod programme has made I hardly ever sit on the sofa to watch TV now – I don’t have the time! I used to sit down in front of the TV at 7pm and not move again for four hours – getting my hubby to bring me snacks and then helping me to lever myself from the sofa before struggling to climb the stairs to bed – stuffed and unhappy! 

Which brings me on to food. I fell into 16:8 intermittent fasting quite early on in the process. Today, I do still mostly do this – but am less regimented with timings.

I eat when I’m hungry. For the first year of Slimpod I only drank water – I now drink coffee (no sugar) and red wine (one bottle a week) 

I still have either broccoli, avocado or spinach on a daily basis…sometimes all three! 

I still binge eat occasionally – but this is never now an emotional response.  It is controlled and doesn’t really happen often. I had Pringles on the weekend – and can never just have one or two of them – I have to finish the tube!  

Prior to Slimpod I would have several bags of crisps a day and bars of chocolate. I now never have these things daily…just occasionally…I really don’t miss them.

But if I do want them – I will delay the decision and delay the gratification. But I do enjoy them! 

How what I want to eat has changed completely

I still eat a much better portion of healthy foods and steer away from ultra-processed foods and sugar. I eat a lot of protein and avoid…but not deny…bread and potatoes. I have limited pasta and rice. 

Quite often my meals will consist of chicken or fish and big plate of broccoli. I have never limited cheese and dairy products. My addiction is now Brazil nuts! 

I think one of the major differences on the Slimpod programme is that if I do have something ‘bad’ to eat, I don’t think that I’ve ruined the diet now so might as well eat rubbish for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

If I eat something ‘bad’ – I enjoy it, it is usually a considered decision to eat it. I will think do I really want it – or is there a healthier and tastier option.

If I fancy cake, I will sometimes look for one that has the least sugar….. but then other times I will have exactly what I fancy! However, it doesn’t spark a whole chain of making bad food choices.  

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