My NHS dream comes true

SEVEN years ago I had a dream and now it has become a reality. That dream was to work with the NHS to improve the health and the lives of millions of people.

I knew I had something very special to share – something that would be a revolution in helping people to change their eating habits and become healthier and fitter.

I wanted to make a difference and help to reverse the obesity crisis.  So with the help of Jeremy Hunt and the Behavioural Insights Unit in the Department of Health we conducted randomised controlled trials on our Slimpods.

The results have been fabulous and the study is being prepared for publication. Just as importantly though, so far Slimpod programmes have been improving health and changing lives in 36 countries and I’m really excited about this.

 The development that has changed everything was launched at Tameside hospital in Greater Manchester, where nearly 150 nurses and other health professionals are taking part in a special 12-week study project.

If our clinical trials are anything to go by, a massive percentage of these men and women will lose weight by listening to a Slimpod. But the really satisfying part of the Tameside project is that the hospital is also going to evaluate the knock-on effect this has on the care and wellbeing of the patients.

The slimmer, fitter and more energised the staff are, the better the care they are able to give to their patients. It is a massively rewarding benefit and is why I’m so excited about the huge potential the project has for so many people.

My presentation to NHS staff in Tameside

As I explained when I was in Tameside last week, the unique thing about the Slimpod programme is that it’s not a diet or eating plan. It’s not even something you have to put much conscious effort into.  The nine minute Slimpod recording is based on behavioural science, neuroscience and psychology and works at an unconscious level to change the way you think and feel about food and exercise.

You notice yourself being nudged to choose healthy food and lose interest in the unhealthy sugary stuff.  You stop snacking and obsessing about food and you won’t feel hungry.

 Food will be relegated to the back of your mind instead of being at the front.  The best thing is you’ll be eating healthy food consistently without effort or willpower. And that’s how the magic happens.

Your brain is on your side helping you to lose weight, rather than fighting against you which is what happens on diets. Consistent healthy eating means blood sugar levels normalise and the brain’s dopamine signals are controlled.

This inevitably leads to weight loss, but so much more than that too. Health, sleep and confidence all improve.

I couldn’t be more excited by having the lovely Tameside people on board with this project and am really looking forward to hearing and sharing the feedback with you as we go through the 12 weeks.

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9 thoughts on “My NHS dream comes true”

  1. I’m 4 days into listening to my slimpod on the trial and already noticing small changes in how much I am eating. It’s very exciting!

  2. I think this is a fantastic thing to do for people and it really should make a difference in their lives as it has and is continuing to have on my life

  3. Marjorie Gaffney

    I am starting to feel more in control of my eating habits – I do find myself thinking about the healthier choices, and also I can’t finish everything on my plate- I don’t seem to be eating much of anything but I can’t say I’ve noticed any changes to my body yet. I can’t really do much exercise because of health problems but I do make sure to have a good walk every evening with the dog. I think I am sleeping betters well

  4. I use all the slim pods, they work exactly as they are supposed to if I listen regularly. Amazing how it works but you do have to listen!

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