"I was living in a fat suit" says Lorraine,
who lost 12 stone with a Slimpod

"I was living in a fat suit" says Lorraine, who lost 12 stone with a Slimpod

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Lorraine Murphy has a unique claim to fame. “I stopped dieting and lost 12 stone,” she says. Readers of the Daily Mail were astonished to read how Lorraine lost more than half her body weight with the clinically-proven Slimpod programme.

“Before Slimpod I literally felt like I was living in a fat suit – and I had no idea how to get out of it,” she told the Mail. “Now I’ve gone from a size 26 to a size 16 bordering on 14.”

Lorraine says the Slimpod programme empowered her to challenge her self-limiting beliefs and stop telling herself ‘I can’t’.  Instead she started adopting the ‘I CAN’ mindset and guess what, she found she could!

Lorraine, who lives in Berwick, says: “I’ve been quite a big girl most of my life. I used to call myself a beast, actually.

“I had a bad sugar addiction and I would think nothing of eating three chocolate bars a day. That’s on top of cakes, biscuits, bread products, pastas.

“I knew the only way to kick this habit was to kick the sugar addiction, and so I kicked the elephant right out of the kitchen.

It's amazing how Slimpod's given me my life back!

“I was a size 26, and I am now a size 16 bordering on 14, and I’ve lost 12 stone  (74 kilos for anyone who’s metric) without even thinking about it.

“Slimpod gave me my choices back. I could eat if I wanted to, if I didn’t want to eat then fine. Choosing healthy options just became natural and became part of my life.

“Slimpod has also given me my life back. I’m much more confident than I’ve ever been.

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“I used to hate meeting people because I felt they were judging me because of my size. But now I’m the life and soul of the party, I’ll go anywhere, meet anyone.

“I feel like a normal person around food now. I’m in control of the food rather than food being in control of me.”

Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis, a Harley Street specialist, meets Lorraine

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Five gold stars

“After years of obsessing with my weight and trying every diet under the sun I came across Slimpod and can honestly say it’s the only thing that’s changed my relationship with food for the better.”

Five gold stars

“The future’s bright now: After listening to the Slimpod just once, I stopped snacking between meals! I have lost weight and I’m confident that the weight will stay off this time. Simply amazing!”

Five gold stars

“All of a sudden I’m eating less. I’m giving my partner food. Slimpod is a life changer and a life saver. I’m a 59 year old man and I’ve dieted all my life. Now I have a new relationship with food.”

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