Slimpod and WeightWatchers:
What's the difference?

Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis, a Harley Street weight loss specialist, explains the facts

Behavioural change and its link to weight loss is something that is really being over-used by slimming companies right now because they’ve decided to distance themselves from dieting, which has just become a dirty word. People are always asking me what’s the difference between Slimpod and WeightWatchers, so here’s the facts to allay any confusion. In this video some NHS nurses talk about how Slimpod has made a big difference.

Slimpod effortlessly changes your eating habits

So let’s look in detail at the major differences between WeightWatchers and Slimpod. Slimpod is NOT a diet. It’s a science-based and clinically-proven way of retraining your brain to think differently about food. As this new relationship builds up, you instinctively want to make healthier choices.

WeightWatchers IS a diet despite the way they try to dress it up as something else. So, as you know, as soon as you stop the diet the weight starts to go back on.

If you go over your daily points on WeightWatchers there’s a temptation to say “What the heck, I’ve fallen off the wagon again so I may as well eat what I please for a while then try to diet again next week.”

With Slimpod, unlike diets, there is NO wagon to fall off. And it isn’t ALL about weight loss. It’s just as much about feeling good and being in control.

It’s well documented that a huge percentage of people who follow diets or other strict eating regimes only last about four or five weeks if they’re lucky and then they stop, mostly because they’re depriving themselves and their brain has said ‘I’ve had ENOUGH’.

If you do this repeatedly, and the majority of people do, it becomes a destructive habit.   This destructive ‘giving up’ habit is because dieting is hard and willpower doesn’t work long term.

The BIG differences



With Slimpod, you naturally WANT to eat healthier

On a diet like WeightWatchers, all you think about all day is food – what can I eat to stay within my daily points budget? Slimpod gently trains the brain to see food as fuel for the body not something to relieve boredom, stress, loneliness or unhappiness.

WeightWatchers also makes food which it sells to dieters. Yes, it’s a food company! If you’re trying to lose weight, food is the last thing you want to be thinking about, especially processed food from a ready-made meal like the WeightWatchers range.

What can you eat on a WeightWatchers diet? Theoretically, anything as long as you stay within your allotted points. The PersonalPoints system takes a food’s complete nutritional profile into account by boiling down calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein into a points value.

On WW, every member gets a personalised “Points Budget” based on height, age, weight, and sex that consists of daily points and weekly points. This makes family meals and nights out difficult and often unenjoyable.

Look what this Slimpodder achieved

With Slimpod you can eat the same food as everyone else – your brain gradually readjusts so you instinctively make healthier choices and want smaller portions. Nothing is banned – if you want a little treat, then have one! But you may be surprised at how few and far between the need for treats becomes.

With WeightWatchers you are asked to keep a daily log of everything you eat. With Slimpod you are asked to keep a daily log of your three wins for the day (not your three meals!)

With WeightWatchers you are told to weigh once a week. With Slimpod you are told to throw the scales away!

Just look at the big difference on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Slimpod scores an average of 4.7 stars after more than 2,000 reviews and is rated Excellent.  WeightWatchers has 3.4 stars and is rated average.

Of the Slimpod reviews, 78 per cent give us five stars and 10 per cent four stars. WeightWatchers has only 50 per cent five star reviews and 12 per cent four stars.

Only four per cent give Slimpod a one star review. Whereas 25 per cent give WeightWatchers a one star review.

Slimpod really is weight loss without willpower

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So in summary, WeightWatchers is a strict food regime where you have to think about what to eat and what not to eat. This takes willpower to be consistent.

Slimpod retrains your brain using a proven scientific technique to have a new relationship with food.  What you want to eat instinctively changes without you having to think too much about it.  No willpower required.

WeightWatchers will help you lose weight but you have to stick to the plan for the rest of your life because once you stop a diet the weight goes back on.

Slimpod works with your subconscious, where habits are created,  and makes deep-rooted changes to the way you think and feel about food.  These changes become automatic and therefore can last a lifetime.

We’re not disrespecting anybody or criticising any other weight loss programme. We’re not saying Slimpod is better than WeightWatchers.

That said, everyone who’s been on a diet – sometimes many times over – knows one thing: Diets need willpower and they’re hard to stick to once the going gets too tough and the willpower runs out. Slimpod is super-easy.

SOURCE: and Information correct on 10 April, 2023

Special Offer

You’ll pay just THREE monthly instalments of


Nothing more to pay!


Enrol today and save £48 off the original £147 price of our online weight loss programme.

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