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Sugar in ready meals: More than in Coke

MANY people never even think about the amount of sugar in ready meals. So a study just out will shock them – because it found that some supermarket ready meals contain almost twice as much sugar as a can of Coca-Cola. I’ve been saying for years that

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Drink water to lose weight, experts say

DRINK water to lose weight. That’s what a study carried out at the University of Birmingham appears to show – that drinking up to a pint of water before meals could help obese adults with weight loss. The study will now be followed up with wider research

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Sugar in drinks kills 184,000 a year

Scientists are advising people across the globe to reduce their intake of sugar in drinks. A study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation suggests that up to one in 100 deaths from obesity-related diseases can be directly attributed

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Sugary sweets banned at the checkout

SUGARY sweets at the checkout are being removed by Morrisons, I’m delighted to report. The supermarket chain joins Tesco and Lidl in banning sugar-filled temptations by the queues so that will make it a lot easier for everyone. Sainsbury’s have also taken sugary

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Willpower: The science of why it fails

IF you’ve been on a diet and decided to use willpower to cut out cakes, biscuits, sugary foods – in fact, most of the things you really love – then I’m sure you’ll remember how difficult supermarket shopping became. Willpower was probably enough to get you

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Creating healthy habits the easy way

CREATING a habit is easy – especially a bad one! An overweight person will tell you how simple it was to fall into bad eating habits and put on weight.  They didn’t even have to think about it! But they’ll also tell you how difficult it is to change behaviour, creating

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Sugar tax? We need health warnings

IF YOU ask what’s most effective, the carrot or the stick, most people will unhesitatingly say it’s the carrot. We instinctively understand that persuasion not punishment is the way to influence people and change their behaviour. So I’m puzzled how doctors and academics

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Exercise is all about the feelgood factor

By Trevor Silvester WHEN we think about doing something like exercise, our brain has a choice of going in one of three directions. It can head into the past and look at what exercise has felt like for you, and use that to either

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Nuts are healthy and make you live longer

UNLESS you’re a squirrel with an allergy, here’s some great news: eating nuts every day can help you live longer! Just a handful every day could substantially lower the risk of early death, according to research in Holland. It’s been known for a while that eating nuts is good

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Smaller portion sizes thanks to Slimpod

BLOGGER Erin Ek Rush is noticing remarkable differences in her smaller portion sizes and her relationship with food as she enjoys her  Slimpod programme. “One of the first things I noticed about the Slimpod was that my portion size shrunk instantly and effortlessly,” she says. “I

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Ease the stress of emotional eating

STRESS and emotional eating have an extraordinary effect on our food habits, and emotional eating brought on by anxiety is a major reason why more and more people are overweight. The more pressurised life becomes, the more people turn to food in a vain attempt

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Achieve and believe, great things happen

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together in the Portsmouth Duathlon – that’s 5k running, 15k cycling, then 5k running to the finish.

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Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for as long as 40 or 50 years. It’s heart-breaking

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