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National Fitness Day 2019 launches my 21-day challenge to YOU

MY task today is to inspire you to make exercise a regular and enjoyable habit (if it isn’t already). We all know a bit of exercise every day is good for you so I’m delighted to celebrate National Fitness Day 2019 on Wednesday, September 25. Obviously exercise is great for weight loss but it does

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Join my new 30-day challenge for a fitter, healthier and happier you

TODAY, Wednesday September 26, we celebrate National Fitness Day!  Its aim is to inspire the UK to move for one day because exercise has so many health and wellness benefits that extend far beyond just weight loss. That’s me in the picture, by the way, doing my morning workout on my uncle’s farm in Ireland

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Mollie Millington PT Trainer healthy fun exercise tips

Healthy fun exercise – all the know-how

WHEN  Mollie Millington “The Personal Happiness Trainer” was our guest in Slimpod Club recently she answered members’ questions on healthy fun exercise and gave some really great advice. Mollie is an holistic health coach and a UK Athletics running coach and is a regular contributor to PT Magazine.

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Smirti runs London Marathon

Joy of Slimpod Marathon runner No 5

MARATHON runners are amazing! Six years ago, when Slimpods were launched, Smirti Kotecha was one of the first people to achieve success by losing weight and keeping it off. Now I’m even more proud of her because she’s become the fifth Slimpodder to run the London Marathon, raising money for the wonderful Well Child charity. 

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Our Slimpod Autumn Success Drive

I’m thrilled by all the positive responses we received after we announced the upcoming launch of our Autumn Success Drive on Tuesday. I’d love you to join all the others who’ll be taking part so here’s some tips to get you started. Basically, it’s time to dust off

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Are you up for Slimpod 838 Challenge?

ON your marks, get set…GO! The Slimpod 838 Challenge is off and running (or walking, cycling or swimming actually). The idea is that during the month of May Slimpodders complete a virtual John O’Groats to Land’s End relay. It’s called the 838 Challenge because

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Breast cancer risk cut by being active

BREAST cancer is a horrible disease and I’d dearly love to get the women of the world walking every day – because new research shows that being active dramatically reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. Most of us understand that keeping our weight down

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Achieving a 30-year Marathon dream

“IT’S only taken 30 years – but it’s never too late to reach your dreams.” Those are the inspiring words of Barbara Greenwood, who after a lifetime of battling with her weight has realised her dream by running in the London marathon and has raised well over

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Flat tummy: How to get it and feel great

A flat tummy seems to be the holy grail of the fitness world. The problem is, there are too many misconceptions about how to actually achieve one. So says fitness expert Charlene Hutsebaut. So I asked her for advice on how best to get the flat tummy of our dreams.

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Kate Butler nutrition change with Slimpod

Ease the stress of emotional eating

STRESS and emotional eating have an extraordinary effect on our food habits, and emotional eating brought on by anxiety is a major reason why more and more people are overweight. The more pressurised life becomes, the more people turn to food in a vain attempt

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Achieve and believe, great things happen

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together in the Portsmouth Duathlon – that’s 5k running, 15k cycling, then 5k running to the finish.

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Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for as long as 40 or 50 years. It’s heart-breaking

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